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Bong Accessories, Elevate your smoking experience and enhance your bong today with accessories; grab essential supplies for your bong today and keep on top of your glassware. Every bong user needs gauzes & Screens, drop pipes, bongs and cleaning supplies to keep their bong clean. If you’re using a glass bong we’d strongly suggest taking a look at our ash catchers to keep your hits clean and your glass sparkling.

One of the most exciting aspects of owning a bong is the sheer amount of accessories you can use to greatly enhance your smoking experience. Here at Ali Bongo, we offer you a large range of quality bong accessories and spares that are tried, tested and reviewed by us to help elevate your satisfaction when hitting your favourite bong

Different Types of Bong Accessories

With so many different ways to accessorize your bong or water pipe, it can be hard to choose which types of accessories to purchase, whilst some accessories can increase the smoothness of your smoke and make your bong hits more satisfying, some are absolutely essential such as screens and gauzes which help to ensure your herbs won't fall into your bong when smoking.

Drop Pipes

An absolute essential for your bongs, drop pipes (sometimes referred to as a down stem or down pipe) slide into your bong on one side and on the other hold the bowl so the smoke travels from your bong bowl, through the drop pipe and into your bong

Some drop pipes have special features such as diffusers which are little slits in the glass that the smoke passes through acting as a filter to smoothen out the smoke and reduce the harshness of your hits.

Drop pipes are typically available in 14.5mm, 18.8mm and 29.2mm ground joint sizes but there are bespoke versions such as 14.5mm - 18.8mm meaning they will fit 14.5mm bongs and 18.8mm bowls allowing you greater freedom of choice.

Bong Bowls

 Another accessory that is imperative when smoking bongs, bong bowls hold your herb in place whilst you light them; you simply couldn't use a bong or water pipe without one.

Available in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, bong bowls (or bowl heads as they are referred to sometimes) not only are essential but add an artistic and fun touch to your bong depending on your taste, that is, unless you prefer a very simple clear glass bowl with a basic shape.

Ash Catchers

An ash catcher will prevent ash from travelling from your bowl, down the drop pipe and into your bong (it catches the ash as the name suggests!) which not only means you'll need to clean your bong less often, but it also means that a whole extra layer of filtration is added to your bong which will greatly improve your smoking experience. If you love the smooth and milky hits that are typically provided with percolator bongs, get an ash catcher.

Bong Converters

If you're already familiar with accessorizing your bong and have lots of different ground jointed accessories, bongs and bowls then you'd almost certainly benefit from adding some bong converters to your collection.

A bong converter will allow you to mix and match different accessories such as bowls with bongs, for example, if you have an 18.8mm bong but have just bought a 14.5mm bowl then you'd need an 18.8mm male to 14.5mm female converter to allow them to marry up.

By owning just a few converters it really broadens your horizons in terms of accessorizing your water pipe.

Gauzes and Screens

Gauzes and screens are often overlooked accessories but in our opinion are absolutely essential when using a water pipe. These handy little accessories will prevent ash and other materials from falling through your bowl and into your bong and also help with airflow when taking those big hits because they raise the herbs in your bowl every so slightly increasing the surface area in which your herbs sit.

Bong Cleaners

Keeping on top of the cleanliness of your bong is paramount to your smoking experience. Taking hits from a dirty bong is not only not very enjoyable but also extremely unhealthy and dangerous, cleaning your bong with dedicated bong cleaning products will make using your bong so much more enjoyable and some of the cleaners start from as little as under £1 so there really is no excuse to keep your bong in tip-top shape.

Another very useful accessory is the bong brush. Most bongs will become crystal clear after a quick soak with bong cleaner and a good shake afterwards but for really stubborn grime and resin we'd recommend picking up a bong brush, especially if you have a glass piece. For a full cleaning guide check out our bong cleaning blog.

Other Useful Bong Accessories

There are tons more bong accessories out there that you may not have considered. If you're an on-the-go toker then a good bag to keep your piece in will be very useful especially if you have a fragile glass piece with percolators.

A bong clip or bong 'keck' will allow you to clip your bowl and drop pipe together which will become very convenient when you want to pull the bowl out when you clear your hits, making the whole process much less finicky.

Own a whole plethora of bowls? It's well worth considering bowl holders which will neatly and safely display your favourite bowls in an up-right fashion, reducing the chance they'll slide about and break.

What Bong Accessories Should I Purchase?

If you're unsure about which bong accessory is best to purchase then get in touch to speak to a professional. We're always on hand to answer any bong or smoking-related questions you have so give us a call on (+44)1603 760055 or send us an email at With over 30 years in the bong industry, we're more than well-placed to answer any questions you have.

Bong Accessories with Next-Day Delivery

 With such extensive stock of accessories for your bong, we also offer next-day delivery and other premium delivery options. Spend over £40 with us and get free delivery, all shipped discreetly straight to your door by our dedicated and experienced packing team.

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