Metal Weed Grinders

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are considered to be the best overall choice of grinder when it comes to durability, lifespan, pollen collecting and overall quality of ground herbs. These hardy metal herb grinders are usually made from anodized aluminium and or stainless steel making them a super-popular choice because of their durability and shark shaped teeth.

What Type of Metal Grinder Should I Buy?

There are different sizes and parts of metal herb grinders, each one will suit a different need. If you find yourself constantly grinding up your weed or the space in your herb grinder just ain't cutting it, then you'd be more suited to a grinder with a large diameter.

2-Part Metal Grinders

A 2 part grinder is the most basic kind of grinder. Simply place your herbs inside and begin to grind. A 2-part metal weed grinder has lots of perks despite being very simple, firstly they are typically smaller, discrete and pocket-sized, secondly, you can keep on grinding your herbs to reach the desired level of fineness and groundedness of your herbs whereas on a 3 or 4 part grinder, the herbs fall through into a different chamber.

3-Part Metal Grinders

A 3-part metal herb grinder has 2 parts that do the grinding and the other works as a collection chamber. Just like a 2-part grinder, you grind your herbs as usual, but this time the herb falls through into the bottom chamber which is super convenient to extract and put into your rolling papers, bowl or pipe.

4-Part Metal Herb Grinders

Also referred to as crystal catcher grinders, 4-part grinders have 2 parts for grinding, 1 part for collection, and another part to catch your crystals or kief right at the bottom. After months of using your grinder you'll end up with a huge crystal collection!

What are the Best Grinder Brands?

There are definitely some stand-out brands when it comes to herb grinders. We've stocked these metal herb grinder brands on our website and in our store for years and years because we love them and our customers love them too.

Are Metal Herb Grinders Better than Acrylic Grinders?

When it comes to grinding up your dry herbs, you want to be sure you're purchasing a durable, reliable and long-lasting herb grinder. Metal herb grinders tick all the boxes when it comes to actual functionality, quality and getting the job done, however, they are typically more expensive than other grinders like plastic and wood so you should take your budget into account when deciding between metal herb grinders and plastic herb grinders.

Are Metal Herb Grinders better than Wooden Grinders?

Whilst wooden grinders look really aesthetically pleasing and will still grind up your bud, the teeth are incomparable in terms of the quality of grinding. Wooden grinders often feature little steel pins that do the grinding, however, a metal herb grinder will more than likely feature better-designed teeth like shark shaped teeth or even diamonds. The formation of teeth on a metal grinder is not only more durable but gives a much finer shred when grinding.

With that being said, wooden grinders are often a bit lighter and are cheap in comparison with metal grinders like Santa Cruz and head chef. They also make amazing gifts and are available in all different types, so you can easily pick one in your style.

How to Clean a Metal Herb Grinder 

Cleaning your weed metal grinder is super easy, all you need is a toothbrush, isopropyl alcohol, a container and we'd also recommend some latex gloves.

  1. Completely disassemble your grinder and place it in your container. If you have an o-ring on your grinder take it off and don't put this in the container.
  2. Fill your container with isopropyl alcohol completely submerging all your grinder parts.
  3. Leave to soak for 30 minutes
  4. Use a toothbrush, or other small brush to brush all the dirt and waste in your grinder.
  5. Soak all parts with warm water to remove all the isopropyl alcohol.

It's as easy as that to get your grinder in tip-top shape again! Make sure you've collected all your crystals and kief before starting the cleaning process. It's important to remove the o-ring before soaking your grinder in rubbing alcohol because some materials will begin deteriorating in it, plastics and acrylics included.

Metal Herb Grinders for Sale

We have a huge range of dry herb metal grinders and grinders of various other material available, probably the biggest range on the market! Spend £40 or more on your order and you'll get free UK shipping, or, we also have premium next day delivery options available. To narrow down your choice just select the options from the filters above and on the left.

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