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Glass Bongs are the most popular bongs out there and for good reason; they look the best, smoke the best and are an iconic part of stoner culture. Use the filters to browse hundreds of high-quality glassware and styles like Percolator Bongs, Ice Bongs and the classic Beaker Shaped Bongs or just check out the whole range here.

Why Choose A Glass Bong?

When it comes down to the smoking experience, glass bongs are the absolute top material of choice for choosing a bong. Glass bongs will give you the cleanest hits and most are made from a highly heat-resistant glass called borosilicate. Compared with Acrylic Bongs and Ceramic Bongs, glass water pipes will last longer, give you smoother hits and a better overall smoking session because of the way the water chamber breaks up the smoke and removes all the nastiness from combusting herbs; add a percolator into the equation or an ice trap with ice cubes and you'll quickly understand why glass bongs are the best. Another reason to choose a glass bong over smoking joints is that you can get the same effect from a whole joint in just 1 small amount of combustion with a bowl. If you find all this confusing and want to start with the basics, check our What Is a Bong blog to get a basic understanding of the in's and out's of bongs.

What Size Glass Bong is best?

The size of the glass bong you should choose completely depends on how experienced you are with using bongs as size definitely matters here. A larger traditional bong made from glass and a straight tube or bent neck will have a higher potential for bigger hits and will hold more smoke so are naturally more suited for experienced users. On the other hand, smaller glass bongs will deliver smaller hits so are more suited for beginners. There are many other aspects and pros and cons to using different-sized bongs, if you want a discreet bong then a smaller one is for you, they also require less effort when cleaning whereas experienced bong users will swear by the larger pieces and consider them the best bongs for smoking experience because of the features commonly found on them such as percolators, ice catchers and usually have a beaker base for superior smoke dispersion. We also have lots of glass mini bongs which are super handy  if you want to be discrete or don't have much space due to their exceptionally small size. It's good to consider all options when buying a bong.

Glass Bongs for Sale

We have a huge range of over 200 glass bongs for sale in all different types of shapes, sizes, colours (at the moment Pink Glass Bongs are so popular!), features and brands to suit any smoker's needs. We're proud to offer such a huge range of great bongs at affordable prices. If you're buying a bong and feel unsure which bong will work best for you check out our blog on Every Type of Bong which quickly helps you identify which one suits your needs as we're all different and have our own preferences. 

If you want to get a really comprehensive knowledge of bongs before you buy one, you should check out our Ultimate Guide to Bongs page.

How to use a Glass Bong

Using a glass bong is really simple and easy, there's not really anything difficult about it at all actually. There are slightly more 'advanced' techniques to get a better draw and drag of your bong for a smoother smoke but to start with this isn't necessary, here's how to use one:-

  1. Fill your water chamber just above where the drop pipe is with fresh, clean water. Add Ice to your if your glass bong has an ice pinch.
  2. Put the bong bowl in (add a gauze if necessary) and pack it with your chosen herb.
  3. Get ready to inhale by forming a seal on the inside of the mouthpiece with your lips.
  4. Get your lighter and start by lighting the contents of your bong bowl whilst also steadily inhaling.
  5. Once you can see that the whole herb bowl has been ignited and the bong is filled with smoke its now time to inhale the smoke by releasing the carb hole, or, if your bong doesn't have a one you can pull the bowl out to create airflow.
  6. Inhale & enjoy.

It is best practice after a bong session to remove the ash and water from your bong bowl and downstem tube to prevent a build-up of harmful chemicals and bacteria. For a comprehensive cleaning guide check out our blog How to Clean a Bong, it's very simple and will ensure you get the most from your bong every time you use it. Your glass bong can even last a lifetime if treated properly and taken care of.

What is a Ground Joint Size on a Glass Bong?

Where the drop pipe goes into the glass bong you can find the Ground Joint, or what is commonly referred to as a 'gauge'. Knowing the size of the ground joint is absolutely essential if you're going to purchase accessories for your bong or if you need a new drop pipe or bowl. The common ground joint sizes are:-

  • 10mm
  • 14.5mm
  • 18.8mm

Finding out what ground joint size you bong has is easy, just measure the diameter of the hole where your downstem goes. When purchasing accessories such as bowls, drop pipes and ash catchers (which will turn your glass bong into a percolator bong) you'll need to ensure both the bong and the accessory are the same gauge and that one is male and the other is female.

A really handy accessory is a bong converter, reducer or adapter, basically, with these you can change the gauge of your bong. Say for example your favourite bowl is a 14.5mm Male but your bong is a 18.8mm Female you can just grab a 18.8mm - 14.5mm Reducer; the possibilities are endless so it's worth having some ready to use.

Are Glass Bongs Better than Plastic Bongs?

In almost every aspect; yes! Once again this comes down to personal preference, acrylic bongs, on the whole, are cheap bongs (and that's not to suggest all glass bongs are expensive bongs) but they stand the test of time and most of them give a really satisfying smoke, however, if you want a really great bong you should check out our Glass Bongs range for an amazing experience at a reasonable price. Glass Bongs also tend to come with more features such as ice chambers and percolators, most percolator bong are made from glass.

In short, an Acrylic Bong is more disposable and has inferior taste compared to glass pipes or bongs, but they are also much more durable and are cheap bongs. Which ever bong you decide to purchase, just be sure to follow all the steps to using a bong safely.

Are Glass Bongs better than Silicone Bongs?

As always, personal preference will play the biggest part in deciding which materials to go for. Glass Bongs by far have the best taste, smoothest hits and are the cleanest option but Silicone Bongs are virtually indestructible compared to glass which breaks quite easily; if you're a clumsy smoker then go for the durable option of a glass bong if this is a big concern for you.

Silicone Bongs have come a very long way in recent years and many include percolators and an ice catcher so you can make use of these amazing filtering aspects for a smooth hit and an all-round great smoking experience.

Why Do Glass Bongs Cost More?

On the whole glass bongs are not cheap bongs. The cost of the glass material and the more meticulous way they are manufactured are reasons why glass water pipes can cost more than ceramic bongs and acrylic bongs. Most glass pipes are made from borosillicate glass which is a special type of heat resistant glass, they're also much more durable than cheap bongs which typically breaks quite easily.

Best Glass Bongs of 2024

Here's what we consider the very best glass bongs of the year from the top brands in the UK, we'd recommend checking them out. Some bongs on this list are here because of their value for money, some for their unique look and some due to the incredible features they have such as percolators. If you're looking for a new bong you should definitely take a look at the bongs below.

If you're looking for an other glass bong you can check the full range above on this page.

What are the Best Bong Brands?

With so many brands on the market now it can be quite difficult to decipher which ones are worth going for. Throughout the years there are some glass bong brands that have always held strong and always produce high quality bongs.

Chongz Bongs have been a best seller for many years now and a brand that we recommend to all of our customers. Chongz have a huge range of glass water bongs and so it's always easy to point customers looking for a bong in the direction of this range because there's always a glass piece here that will suit everybody. Mixing crazy features such as ice traps, percolators and other diffusors in their glass water bongs but with really great value for money really do set this bong manufacturer out from the crowd. We love Chongz' Percolator Bongs the most. They also have a large variety of Acrylic Bongs which we stand by.

RooR Bongs are the absolute top notch bong brand. RooR Bongs are known to be glass pieces reserved for the bong connoisseur and are the pinnacle in top quality bongs. With glass bongs with a wall  thickness of up to 7mm, all RooR Bongs are made in Germany with a premium glass called Schott Duran Pryex which is the world standard for borosilicate (heat resistant glass) and glass tubing. This special type of glass is so prestine and prestigeous that its used in laboritories, hospitals and architecture for its strength and durability. The bongs by RooR are simply perfectly crafted and cannot be replicated by any other mass produced factory made bong, each one even comes with its own tag of authenticity. RooR also have styles of bongs called a dab rig too, these are used to vaporizing concentrates.

Phoenix Star Bongs are quickly establishing a reputation and popularity as amazing quality glass pieces at affordable prices. Made by the same bong makers as Grace Glass we've started stocking a large range of Phoenix Star Bongs in the most popular styles because they often have thick glass and all the features that super-expensive bongs have like Tree Percolators, Disc Diffusors, Splash Guards, Ice Catchers and Slide Mouthpieces but at a far lower price. If you love a bargain you should really check out the Phoenix Star range of bongs, whether you're an expert or a beginner bong user.

Are Glass Bongs easy to Clean?

In most cases, yes! Glass Bongs are easy to clean, all you really need is a little bit of Isopropyl Alcohol and the know-how and your glass bong will be sparkling clean. We'd definitely suggest taking a look at our How to Clean a Glass Bong Guide to show you not just how easy it is, but also how important it is and the best way to do it.

Glass Bongs and Glass Pipes are also dishwasher safe but cleaning by hand is the best way, especially if you want to give yourself the best smoking experience with your glass bong. 


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