Our Premium Stash Jar Collection

We’ve many types of stash jars at Ali Bongo, our favourite is the 420 Science Jars but the whole range includes brands like Roor, Head Chef, Zkittlez, Alien Labs and Cookies.

Why Should I Get a Weed Jar?

There are so many benefits to owning weed jars. For one, these containers control the odor, many even being completely smell proof with air tight seals and the like. Preservation of potency is another reason why so many smokers purchase one of these accessories, especially air tight ones, you'll retain much more of that quality in your herbs. Convenience and organisation are more features of stash jars; having a designated place to store your herbs is super convenient and it helps to be organised by storing different herbs in different stash jars. Aesthetically speaking, stash jars are loved by thousands of connoisseurs around the globe, not only do they look awesome but a well made stash jar can also feel perfect to handle with dozens and dozens of shapes, sizes and colours to discover and choose from.

Weed Jars with Free Delivery UK

With such a massive range of stash jars to choose from from brands like 420 science, Re-stash and Headchef and with free next day delivery if you're in the UK and spend over a certain amount (found on our delivery page) you can get your perfect stash jars in no time.

Unsure which stash jar is the best for you? Feel free to get in touch with us, we're always happy to give our honest and expert recommendations to you and with over 30 years in the game you can be shop with peace of mind knowing we only pick the best products to stock.

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