High-Quality Wooden Smoking Pipes Collection

Our range of wooden pipes have been carefully selected to ensure only the best are on offer here. Wooden Pipes have that classic sophisticated look and most of them feature intricate engravings which are very eye catching, not only that but Wooden Pipes are excellent value for money and will stand the test of time.

Are Wooden Pipes good for Smoking?

Yes, absolutely! Wood pipes are an excellent choice for enjoying tobacco or your favourite herb. Wood Pipes are generally lower and cheaper in price compared to metal and glass counterparts, are very durable and have a great rustic aesthetic; think Gandalf.

Do Wooden Smoking Pipes burn as you use them?

It may sound a little silly, but your weed pipe won't burn when exposed to flame. Most Wood Pipes are extremely dense and hard which protects them from the ignition of tobacco and other herbs in the bowl. Usually when you buy a new pipe it will feel a little harsh to smoke at first, but as you continue to use it it will build up a layer of what's called 'char' or 'cake' in the bowl which increases the temperature needed for the actual wood to burn. Because of this the ignition reacts with the tobacco or herbs instead which combusts at a much lower temperature.

Long story short, I guess you could say that your smoking experience will increase the more you use your wooden pipe, over time your pipe will gradually wear out from the burning and heat and the smoke given from the wood only adds to the aroma and is half the reason smokers choose them over metal pipes or silicone smoking pipes.

Why Choose Wooden Smoking Pipes?

There are many reasons why you might choose a wooden pipe over other material of tobacco pipes. Here we'll go through the main points of wooden pipes:-


These weed pipes have exceptional endurance and strength. Wood is extremely unlikely to bend or break when you drop it, pipes of any length at Ali Bongo are made from quality and sturdy hardwood.


The bowl of a wooden pipe will slowly start to release light aromas as you use it over time, this lends to a smooth smoke that is highly sought after. Smoking tobacco tastes so good with a wood bowl, ask any pipe smoker.

Looks and Style

From beautiful dark cherry wood to lighter burl wood, these smoking pipes come in various shapes, lengths and colour wood. Whether you want to sport the Gandalf look with a Extra Long 12" Wooden Pipe or go for a more polished refined and filtered pipe like the Calumet Pipes.

Sustainably Sourced

Wood is of course a renewable resource and is much more environmentally sound than silicone, plastic and metal, most wooden smoking pipes are sustainably sourced and will last for many many years if treated well.

How to use a Wooden Smoking Pipe

Smoking pipes is really easy. First fill the bowl up with your chosen herb or tobacco, place your palm over the carb hole and your mouth over the mouth stem. Inhale whilst lighting the bowl, once the flame has taken the whole content of the bowl, release the carb cap whilst still inhaling. You should get a rich hit of smoke. Enjoy!

How do I clean Wooden Smoking Pipes?

Usually the pipe bowl is the part of the pipe that needs the most cleaning. Cleaning your smoking pipe is super easy with the use of a pipe cleaner and some Dr Green Bong Cleaner these simple steps

  1. Detach all parts of your pipe and let them soak in hot water for 5 minutes.
  2. Apply Dr Green Bong Cleaner directly and give it a good scrub with some Pipe Cleaners.
  3. Rinse with cool water and allow to dry

That's it! To have a good pipe session, always ensure its clean.

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