Carb Caps

Good carb caps are a must have accessory when you’re using a banger to fully maximise true convection to efficiently dab your concentrate. Carb Caps are needed to trap heat inside the banger and to create suction. We have a huge range here at Ali Bongo, there's one for everybody here.

What is a Carb Cap?

A carb cap is a tool used in conjunction with a dab rig to cover the nail or banger after you've added your dab concentrates. The carb cap's purpose is to regulate the airflow and reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the concentrate, allowing for a low-temperature dabbing experience. A Carb Cap is one of those essential dab accessories that any dabber should have in their collection.

How Do Carb Caps Work?

When you apply a carb cap, it traps the heat inside the nail or banger and prevents the concentrates from evaporating too quickly. The carb cap also creates a vacuum that draws air through the oil or wax, allowing you to taste the full features and flavour of your concentrates.

Do You Really Need a Carb Cap?

Carb caps massively increase the effectiveness of your dabs and enables you to get the full flavour and effect. By trapping the heat and regulating the airflow you'll waste less concentrate, get a fuller flavour and get more out of your dabs. With that being said, if a dabber is stuck without this importnat accessory and desperate for a dab it is entirely possible to still dab, but it won't be as good of a dab without this specially designed accessory.

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