Pop Tops

Pop tops are all the rage now and have surpassed the baggy in popularity by our customers. They give stored herbs better protection, room to breathe and hold the smell in more than a typical baggy. Here at Ali Bongo, we have the best deals on Pop Tops, if you’re after a very large quantity don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are Pop Top Containers?

Pop Top Containers, first appeared on the scene around 2017 - 2018 and became an exceptionally popular way to store herbs, so much so that people were saying that pop top bottles were phasing out baggies!

Pop Top Containers are plastic tubes or tubs that easily open with a squeeze at the top of the bottle, they are very durable as a container and work pretty well at keeping herbs, concentrates, edibles, jewellery, medication and lots of other product safe and do a good job at keeping odors in (although we wouldn't say they are as smell proof or airtight as a Tight Vac or a baggie from Smelly Proof Bags).

Pop top containers are sold in a range of lots of colours and sizes to suit the needs of your product whether it be herb, tobacco, valuables; anything really, you'll find a pop top the right size for what you're storing. There's nothing more satisfying than the sound of the lid popping!

Are Pop Top Bottles Child Proof?

Yes, pop top containers can only be opened by applying pressure and squeezing the top of the bottle to open which is when you'll hear that satisfying popping sound. Having a child proof stash storage solution is of the utmost importance, which is why these are designed to be opened via pressure instead of simply pulling the lid open. These handy pop top containers are a great way to safely store all sorts of valuables, some are even opaque so you can keep the details of your stash bottles hidden from sight.

Are Pop Top Containers Good for Storing Weed?

Yes, infact, pop top containers were designed with storing weed in mind! These handy little bottles are almost perfectly airtight with many different dimensions for storing between 1g - 7g of your favourite weed strains, all in small and discreet bottles, nobody's gonna' know. These bottles are small and easily fit in your bag so you can have your favourite herb at the ready at any point, even when you're out and about in public, or with the company of your friends and want to have the herb ready for a smoke sesh, just pop those bottles.

Bulk Buy Pop Top Bottles

We have an amazing sale on with pretty much any size and colour of pop top, meaning you can shop these multi-purpose storage bottles for a low price. We also have free UK shipping for all sales over a certain amount, just check our shipping information page. We also have next day delivery options available, so if you're ready to get your pop top bottles as soon as possible buy from Ali Bongo, we always ship super discreet.

Unsure which storage solution is best for you, or maybe have a question about bongs, vapes, pipes or scales? Just give us a call! We love speaking to our customers and we're always ready to give expert and profession recommendations; just get in touch.

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