Premium Quality & Secure Joint Holders

An essential for when you've got to carry a pre-roll around. Joint holders will keep your pre-rolled cigarette safe and sound whilst also helping to reduce the odour a little bit. Some Joint Tubes such as the Metal Cheeky One Smokers Club Tube are completely smell proof, airtight and watertight.

Why Buy a Joint Holder?

Joint holders keep your pre-rolls safe and secure when on the go but they also act as a very important smell proof barrier for your herb cigarettes, keeping the strong odors inside. Joint tubes are one of those all-time essential accessories for those who love to smoke, they protect your joints from the elements from the tip to the filter and keep the odors at bay.

Other Stash Products at Ali Bongo

Joint Holders are just one of many stash products we stock at Ali Bongo, if you're looking for a discreet way to hide your herbs or valuables check out our stash range, whether it's an ultra realistic stash can, a fancy stash jar, pop tops, baggies or even cvaults you're looking for you can shop with the full range of options.

Joint Holders with Free Shipping

Orders over a certain amount get free uk shipping, find more details on our shipping information page. Unsure which joint holder is best for you? Simply get in contact with us; we're always happy to give our honest and expert recommendations having spent 30+ years as the leading store in the UK for bongs, vapes, grinders, papers, pipes and way more!

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