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Silicone Bongs are just about the most durable bong material available in the world. You can bend, squish, throw and drop these super strong bongs just for fun knowing they’re almost indestructible. Recently Silicone Bongs have become a very popular choice amongst both beginners and experts, they have a great taste and are really easy to clean.

What are the pros of Silicone Bongs?

One of the newer choices of material for water pipes, silicone bongs have several advantages over glass bongs and acrylic bongs which make them a popular choice:-

  • Flexible - Silicone bends and flexes which makes it a good choice for the on-the-go smoker or for when you need to be discreet; they are easily stored by folding one into a small box or backpack with peace of mind knowing it won't break.
  • Incredibly Durable - Because Silicone Bongs are so flexible they are virtually indestructible especially from knocks which would usually shatter a glass bong. Silicone is highly heat-resistant and waterproof so these bongs stand the test of time, dropping a Silicone Bong from a skyscraper still wouldn't break it (well, probably not, but please don't try that).
  • Easy Cleaning - Little maintenance is needed to keep your silicone bong sparkling clean; in fact, you can almost all of them are dishwasher safe! Often when it's time to clean all that's required is a damp cloth, warm water and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • Affordable - When considering all of the benefits of Silicone Bongs, they are exceptionally good value for money and often don't come with the same price tag as an equivalently sized glass bong.
  • Super Easy to Use - Using a silicone bong or silicone rig is really simple and works just like any other bong but with all the above benefits!

For a full and all-encompassing guide on the pro's and con's of every type of bong you should definitely read our Ultimate Guide on Bongs.

Is a Silicone Bong Safe to Use?

Yes, absolutely. Silicone bongs are safe to use but make sure you order one from a trusted shop like Ali Bongo with a huge range of stock. Look for bongs that are BPA-free silicone because bongs made from this are not harmful to smoke from, it also means the bong is made from food-grade silicone. We would also recommend checking the temperature rating on a Silicone water pipe too because they all have a maximum temperature threshold they can withstand before they start burning, this differs between different brands and manufacturers. We only sell safe to use Silicone Bongs at Ali Bongo.

Most silicone Bongs include a glass drop pipe or atleast a glass bowl which are, of course, the parts of the bong that are the most heat resistant. Using the glass in this way the heat is taken away from the silicone, resulting in less risk of a burn.

How to use a Silicone Bong

Using a silicone bong or silicone dab rig is really simple and easy and works just like any other bong would:-

  1. First, fill your silicone bong with water from the top of the bong until it's just above where the drop pipe sits. If you have a percolator be sure to fill it with water too. Add Ice Cubes if you have a Silicone Ice Bong.
  2. Fill your herb bowl and insert your drop pipe and bowl into the bong.
  3. Form a seal around the inside of the mouthpiece.
  4. Light the bowl whilst inhaling (hold down the carb hole if your bong has one) until the herbs have burned and are finished filling the bong up with smoke.
  5. Remove the bowl (or release the carb hole) and take a big inhale to clear the bong.
  6. Enjoy!

How to Clean a Silicone Bong or Silicone Dab Rigs

Cleaning and taking the time to maintain silicone bongs is really important, not only will a clean bong give you a fresh and smooth hit but it's also really important to stop the build-up of bacteria in your bong.

The absolute easiest way of cleaning your silicone bongs or dab rigs is just to take apart all the pieces and put them the dishwasher; letting all of that hot water and soap do the magic and hard work for you. Silicone bongs are pretty much unbreakable so don't worry about it. Real food grade (or medical grade silicone) which is BPA-free is completely dishwasher safe.

The other option is also super easy; all you need is a damp cloth and some hot soapy water. Just disassemble all the parts and give it all a good scrub, then rinse with some hot water and leave to try.

If you have a glass bowl or glass drop pipe (or both) then these will either require some Isopropyl Alcohol to clean - never use cleaning alcohol on silicone bongs as it will slowly break the bong down, only the glass pieces. Soak the bowl and drop pipe in isopropyl alcohol and rinse with hot water after giving it a good scrub. We'd also recommend using gloves as the cleaning alcohol can be irritating to the skin.

Check out our guide on How to Clean your Bong, for a full step by step instruction, the blog also includes other bong materials (and not just silicone water pipes).

Are Silicone Bongs better than Glass Bongs?

Silicone Bongs in many ways are better than glass bongs, they are more affordable, portable, lightweight and are, much, much more durable. However, there are drawbacks, glass bongs have a far superior taste and most smokers prefer the look of glass and the cooling effect the actual glass has when the smoke travels through the bong.

Simply put; it is a matter of choice and both materials suit different needs. If you're going to be taking silicone bongs out and about with you then you'll praise it for its flexibility and portability after it's been folded safe and sound and you're carrying it in your backpack, however, if you're going purely for a quality smoking experience, flavour and smooth hits then you'll definitely prefer glass bongs.

Are Silicone Bongs better than Acrylic Bongs?

Acrylic Bongs are awesome, they are in reality cheap bongs, but they get the job done and can still provide you with a quality smoke session with the many amazing features some have but smokers often complain of how smelly they can get. Plastic bongs get a lot of dirty build-up that needs to be regularly cleaned and it can be a bit of a bore sometimes, silicone bongs on the other hand last a lot longer before they need to be cleaned, and even when they do it's as easy as chucking it in the dishwasher!

In summary, Silicone Bongs make a great utility bong whilst also still delivering high-quality hits and easy maintenance, whereas acrylic bongs are much cheaper and require more cleaning.

Are Silicone Bongs better than Ceramic Bongs?

Ceramic Bongs are often super-quirky and unique because the artist making them has full creative control. Whilst ceramic is quite a strong material it's not quite as durable as silicone. Ceramic bongs will certainly not withstand a fall as well as a silicone bong would

For a full run down of all types of bongs and their pros and cons check out our every kind of bong guide, we also have a buying your first bong guide.

What Features Do Silicone Bongs have?

Silicone bongs often have some common features on them that you may find on other types of bong that will enhance your overall smoking experience.

Silicone Ice Bongs

Ice Traps (Or Ice Catchers as they're commonly referred to) are quite a common feature on bongs now. An Ice Bong will have some ice notches halfway or slightly below the middle of the neck of the bong and help to suspend Ice Cubes.

The effect Ice Cubes have on the coolness and smoothness of your smoke is absolutely amazing and makes using a bong a really pleasurable experience. Just be sure to run a little warm water over your ice cubes for a second or two to get rid of the pieces of frost that cover it as these can be inhaled and they can make some smokers cough and choke! Couple ice traps with a beaker base bong and your smoking experience will be absolute bliss.

Silicone Percolator Bongs

There are a whole range of Bongs made from Silicone that have percolators of many kinds now, many consider these to be the best bongs around. Percs are great for breaking up and filtering smoke, removing the nasty toxins that come from burning herbs. If you're a complete bong newbie you may want to read our what is a bong guide before dipping your toes into the world of bong smoking.

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