Wooden Weed Grinders

Are Wooden Weed Grinders Good?

In short; yes! Weed grinders are an essential tool for any herb smoker (they also have their uses for cooking and vaping too of course). Most wooden grinders will give your herbs a decent grind, they are also lightweight, and durable due to their high-quality materials and are often small and light enough to be considered pocket-sized.

Plenty of wooden grinders are available in a large range of different designs, shapes and sizes. Many are hand-carved and natural looking inside and out which means that each of these handmade pieces is truly unique because each one differs ever so slightly.

Wooden grinders, whilst giving a good quality grind and being easy to use also make amazing simple decorative pieces in your home due to their beautiful designs and small size. This also makes them discreet and subtle which is why they suit so many smokers.

How to Clean a Wooden Grinder

Cleaning your wooden herb grinder is so simple. Simply submerge your wooden grinder in hot, soapy water and leave it to soak for about half an hour. Once you've taken the wooden grinder out you can use something like a toothpick or wooden cocktail stick to dislodge and pick off the resin pieces.

If you have a hybrid wooden grinder, i.e. the actual grinding component is metal and comes out then you'll be able to clean the metal components with isopropyl alcohol, but be cautious, this should only be used on metal materials, if you use this on plastic or wood it will start to degrade.

Most Popular Wooden Weed Grinders

There are a lot of different wooden grinders to choose from nowadays. One hugely popular choice of wooden grinder for weed is the 4-part wooden herb grinder by Black Leaf which has 2 parts for grinding with sharp metal teeth, 1 part for collecting your herbs which includes a steel mesh and the final part that works as a catcher for your crystals so you can collect them for smoking at a later point.

Of course, there are the conventional 2 part wooden grinders that have stood their ground against the test of time and will forever remain classics. Most of these small wooden grinders have little pins instead of teeth. The shark tooth shape teeth make a grinder much easier to use and do a great job but pin-shaped teeth also do a great job; it's all down to your own preferences.

Wooden Weed Grinders for Sale

We have a large range of wooden grinders available, some even mixed with other materials to create hybrid grinders that enable you to get finely ground herbs every time. We also have an even larger selection of plastic grinders, metal grinders, grinder accessories and even the new hemp grinders which are eco-friendly whilst still being simple and easy to use; it's worth taking a look at all types of grinding out there before you decide which one to buy.

Every order £40 or over gets free delivery in the UK, we also have next day delivery options available and every order and item is packed discreetly by our dedicated packing team.

Have a question you can't find the answer to here about a wooden herb grinder, or anything smoking-related for that matter? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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