Gauze & Screens

Gauze & Screens, gauzes, sometimes referred to as screens are essential for many types of bowls for your bong, pipes and even some vaporizers. A good fitting gauze will elevate your smoking experience due to the way they aid in getting a good even burn by way of air flow and consistency of how the herb is packed. If you’re unsure what size to purchase just remember that gauze is measured in diameter and are available in many materials such as glass and steel.

What is a Bong Screen?

A screen or gauze for a bong is an accessory that is used to reduce the amount of ash that falls into our pipe or bong and eventually ends up getting inhaled. Inhaling ash and other burnt pieces of the herb is obviously detrimental to our health so it's important to use stainless steel pipe screens or cone-shaped gauze when smoking from bongs or glass pipes.

Do I Need to use a Screen with my Bong?

Whilst we would strongly recommend you purchase a gauze or screen to use with your bong it is possible to smoke a bong or pipe without one, but this depends on the size of the hole in your bong bowl or pipe.

Some pipe smokers that prefer not to use pipe screens create a plug of tobacco in their bowl, they make this tobacco plug dense and compact so that it acts as a plug, stopping ash from being inhaled.

What Different Types of Bong Screens are there?

There are many different types of gauze and screens out there to use with your glass bongs and glass pipes, each one will work in a different way when the right size is used.

Cone Shaped Gauze

These convenient cone-shaped gauze are by design very useful and are available in a large selection of sizes. The steel mesh is held in a convenient cone shape by to the lining at the top. These cone-shaped gauze are easy to use and pick up and is one of the more popular types of gauze or screen. Cone shaped gauze is reusable and depending on how often they are used can last a long time before they need to be replaced.

Reusable Stainless Steel Gauzes

As the name suggests, these stainless steel pipe screens are reusable and many prefer to use them over the cheaper brass ones. These types of gauze are flat, typically have a fine mesh and are available in various sizes to fit your glass pipes or bongs. These types of screens are favoured for their simplicity and low price.

Spoon Gauzes

Spoon Gauzes are very useful because the actual screen has a convenient handle attached meaning it is easy to remove and attach to your bowl. These gauzes are traditionally made from brass and will need to be replaced every now and then.

Roll Stop Glass Gauze

These reusable and easy-to-clean types of gauze are slightly more expensive but have a much longer lifespan. Available in different diameters, these glass gauzes slot straight into the bowl of your bong or glass pipes and allow for lots of air control. The brand, RooR, even have a selection of these which are categorised into different ground joint size such as 14.5mm and 18.8mm meaning it's straightforward and easy to find the right fit.

How do I use a Bong Screen or Gauze?

Using a bong screen or bong gauze is really straightforward, just drop your screen into your bowl or pipe and place your herbs on top. Enjoy your herbs then remove the gauze afterwards if it needs cleaning or a replacement. All gauzes work this way whether it's a cone-shaped gauze, a flat stainless steel gauze or a roll-stop glass gauze.

How Do I Clean my Pipe Screen or Bong Gauze?

Remove the gauze from your pipe or bong bowl and allow it to soak in some warm water for 10-15 before giving it a shake and a rinse-off. If you have a particularly grimy or dirty gauze use a dedicated bong cleaner or pipe cleaner such as Dr Green.

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