High-Quality Ice Bongs

Ice Bongs, made with the coolest and smoothest possible hits in mind, Ice Bongs have the ability to suspend ice cubes in the middle of the smoke path in the central chamber resulting in sub-zero temperature hits that every bong smoker chases.

What is an Ice Bong?

Ice Bongs are water pipes that have notches or traps halfway up the neck chamber which suspends Ice Cubes above the water.

Using a Glass Ice Bong or Acrylic Ice Bong results in much smoother hits and is far less harsh making it easier on the throat. it really is crazy the difference adding a few ice cubes makes to your smoking experience. Couple putting ice shards and cubes into your bong with added cool water in the water chamber and you'll quickly fall in love with the additional cooling effect on your filtered big hits.

If you want to get a really comprehensive knowledge of bongs, including all the different types, you should check out our Ultimate Guide to Bongs page.

Why Should I Buy an Ice Bong?

Ice Catcher Bongs have the same purpose as regular bongs, but if you find other bongs to be quite harsh on your throat it could be because the smoke is too hot. With an ice catcher bong, the smoke travels through the down stem, through water and then through a gauntlet of ice cubes, this cools the smoke temperature down for amazingly smooth hits, so if normal bongs feel quite harsh to you you could definitely consider smoking an ice bong, they have many advantages:-

  • Cooler hits
  • Added filtration
  • Better quality hits
  • Filters harmful toxins
  • Awesome taste
  • Smooth hits

We have a very wide selection of Glass Ice Bongs and Acrylic Ice Bongs for you to choose from for a seriously cool smoke; save your lungs the heat!

Which Ice Bong Should I Buy?

Of course all ice bongs have ice catchers that help with cooling smoke, but there are lots of other aspects to think about when buying an Ice Bong:-


A larger bong will require a higher lung capacity to be able to efficiently smoke it. If you're an experienced bong user this will be fine and you'll be able to reap the benefits of bigger hits with your large bong with an ice pinch, however, if you're looking to get your first bong or have a lower lung capacity it's recommended to look for small bongs with ice notches. Not all bongs are the same, any bong smoker will tell you this!


The Shape of your Ice Bong is also something to consider and personal preference comes into play here. Some bongs have a bent neck which is an advantage if you have a smaller bong because you keep your face away from the hot bowl this way whilst you inhale, other bongs like Beaker Base Bongs have a really large water chamber which of course has a great capacity for water filtration.


Your budget depends on what Ice Bong you'll be able to afford. Some Ice Bongs also come with added filtration such as Percolator Bongs, these produce amazing cool smoke due to the filtration but also come with a higher price tag. If you have a lower budget you could check out the Acrylic Ice Bongs, as a general rule Acrylic bongs are cheap bongs but that's not to say they won't stand the test of time or hit the spot just right. With the right knowledge and a little research it's pretty easy to find out how to tell if a bong is high quality.


Lots of the top brands like RooR, Chongz, Phoenix Star and more have a whole arsenal of Ice Bongs for those chill-filtered smokes using ice. Each brand has its own unique bongs but all 3 of these brands have lots of Ice Bongs, here are the ones we recommend from each brand.


Choosing the right material of bong is crucial. There are pros and cons of each material; when it comes down to durability silicone bongs are best, followed by acrylic, if we're talking best taste go for glass, if you're looking for something truly unique then ceramic bongs will be right up your street. If you're unsure of all the different versions of bongs and their materials check out our Every Type of Bong guide to quickly and easily get a good understanding.

RooR Bongs

RooR bongs are made from a special glass called Schott-Duran Pyrex which is used in laboratories and hospitals all around the world, all of RooR's bongs are made in their own factory in Germany. Their Icemaster range is absolutely astounding, out of all of them we would recommend either the RooR Ice Master 5.0 Rasta Bong with 5mm Thick Glass or the RooR Little Sista Ice Master with 7mm Thick Glass in Green. Either of these glass ice catcher bongs will give you an unbeatable smoking experience when adding ice and filling the water chamber.

Chongz Bongs

Chongz has a seriously impressive range of ice bongs and water pipes. With something for everybody there are lots of colours and shapes to choose from, the most popular chongz bong with an ice pinch is either the Chongz Goosebump Glass Ice Bong which has a bent neck, diffused downstem and a large surface area when adding bong water, or the Chongz Brainscan Acrylic Bong which has impeccable airflow and style for an acrylic bong. Using Ice with either of these bongs will save your lungs the heat thanks to how well the smoke is cooled.

Phoenix Bongs

Phoenix are relatively new to the scene but have impressed us all at Ali Bongo (and we know our bongs, believe us!). There are lots of choices here if you're looking for a bubbler with an ice catcher so we'll give you a list:-

You can't go wrong purchasing an ice bong from Pheonix, all of these will provide a cool smoke adding ice cubes and that all important bong water to bring the temperature down for your lungs. The price is something to be mentioned too; for the money these bongs are absolutely awesome and have crazy filtration features that all smokers will love.

How do You Use an Ice Bong?

Using Bongs with ice catchers or ice notches is really really simple and is pretty much the same as using any other bong but with a few added steps. All you need is your bong, some ice cubes and some bong water (literally regular water will do!):

  1. Fill the water chamber up in your bong with some water.
  2. Add Ice Cubes so that they sit on the ice notches of your bong. Note that if you don't have an ice catcher in your bong just pile the ice cubes in so that they stack up the neck chamber, but be careful the water level doesn't rise too much.
  3. Fill your bowl with herbs and put it into the ground joint of your ice bong.
  4. Form a seal around the inner mouthpiece with your lips and start inhaling and holding down the carb hole (if you have one) whilst using a lighter to ignite your herbs - try to get a nice even burn.
  5. Once all the herbs in the bowl have been combusted and your bong is filled with smoke release the carb hole and take a large inhale to clear the bong.
  6. Enjoy the effect of your herbs.
  7. Consider cleaning your bong after each use, check our Bong Cleaning Guide for the best way.

It really is that simple. If you want a more in-depth guide be sure to check out our What is a Bong Guide.

Special Ice Bongs and Freezable Coil Bongs

Recently we've started stocking Freezable Coil Bongs which are gaining popularity at a super fast rate. These bongs have a special coil-shaped element in the neck tube of the bong that is filled with water so you can put your bong in the freezer before you use it, this way you'll never need to worry about keeping a good stock of ice cubes for your bong because they are technically already inside the bong!

At the moment we stock 3 amazing freezable coil glass bongs all by Pheonix that will cool your smoke to an ice-cold temperature without the need for ice notches and ice cubes for a seriously smooth hit:

These Freezable Coil Bongs have some amazing benefits:-

  • No loose ice which means you won't be inhaling ice shards
  • No need to worry about handling or making Ice Cubes
  • A consistently smooth hit every time.

Where Should I Buy an Ice Bong Online?

If you're looking to buy an Ice Bong online you should without a doubt order from Ali Bongo. With a choice of over 100 different Ice Catcher Bongs and FREE Next Day Delivery UK (For orders over £40 in Mainland UK) with the best bongs and customer service in the industry you'll find our ordering process smooth and easy.

We also have a huge range of other bongs such as Percolator Bongs, Silicone Bongs, Glass Bongs, Acrylic Bongs, Dab Rigs, and much much more.

Need help and expert advice choosing the perfect bong? Check out our Buying the Right Bong Guide or Just get in touch directly where we'll be happy to lend a hand:-

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