4-Part Grinders

The most popular type of grinder here at Ali Bongo, 4-part grinders typically have compartments for grinding, collecting and sifting and easily are the most convenient and best-performing of all types of grinders. We'd suggest taking a look at Headchef's Hexcellence grinder, Santa Cruz's Shredders and The Bulldog range or just browse the whole line-up to find yourself a winner.

4-Piece Herb Grinders

4-part herb grinders are classed as the best kind of grinders because they have the best functionality. 2 Parts are used for grinding your dry herbs, 1 part is used for collecting your ground herbs, the collection chamber has a mesh screen at the bottom of it which allows very fine crystals and pollen to fall through into the 4th part which is why 4-piece grinders are commonly referred to as crystal catcher grinders.

What are the Advantages of 4-Piece Grinders?

4-piece grinders have the most functionality out of any type of metal grinders, acrylic grinders, and basically any type of herb grinder. The main reason why herb smokers opt for a 4-piece grinder over any other type is because of convenience; the third part which houses the collection chamber makes putting your dry herbs into your vape, bong, pipe, rolling paper or cooking mix an absolute breeze compared to 2-part or 3-part grinders.

Also, the 4th part acts as a crystal collector, this means that over time you'll have collected a load of kief which is highly potent and can be used for smoking (in legal countries).

Should I Buy a Pollen Catcher Grinder?

Compared to other grinders, crystal catcher grinders are generally the most popular type but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are the right choice for every smoker. The number 1 thing to consider when making a selection is how you're going to use your ground-up herb.

If you're grinding up herbs to use in a vaporizer you may want to consider 2-part herb grinders. The reason for this is that you can continue to grind until you reach your desired level of fineness because vapes typically need much finer ground herb to work the most efficiently. This doesn't necessarily mean that other grinders grind better than a 4-piece though

Another reason you may want to consider a separate grinder is size and weight. 4-Part grinders are available in many materials such as plastic, hemp and wood which are much lighter than metal grinders, they also have a lower price tag, but then again these materials don't have the same level of durability as metal grinders, so it's worth considering all avenues.

Generally speaking, you can't go wrong purchasing a 4-part grinder, other herb grinders just don't have the same level of functionality and quality of grind, so if you want the best of the best then get a 4-part crystal catcher shredder.

4-Part Herb Grinders on Sale

At Ali Bongo we have an astounding range of herb grinders for you to make a selection from. With the full range of brands like Santa Cruz Shredder, Headchef, Chongz and many more you can be sure that there's something here for everybody to make their selection from.

Place an order over £40 with us and get free delivery in the UK. We also have a range of next-day delivery options available so you can get your selection of smoking accessories super-fast!

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