Beaker Base Bongs

Beaker Base Bongs have that classic shape which is iconic to stoner culture. What separates these flask-style bongs from other glassware is their ability to create huge smoke dispersion due to the large surface area of the water, not only does this look seriously cool but it provides the user with potential for absolutely huge hits. If you’re after an old-school smoking experience with your first or even umpteenth bong you can’t go wrong with a beaker base.

What's so Special About Beaker Base Bongs?

Beaker Bongs have a large surface area on the bottom of the bong and are shaped kind of like one of those scientific jars out of a science lab. The large base serves different purposes, for one the large surface area at the bottom makes the bong very stable when standing and secondly it allows for a larger volume of water to be added to your bong which filters and cools down your smoke creating a smoother smoking experience.

Beaker bongs range from simple to complex; some have percolators and ice traps, some are basic in design whereas others have all sorts of mind-bending shapes and angles. If you want to get a really comprehensive knowledge of bongs, including the different shapes, sizes and options out there, you should check out our Ultimate Guide to Bongs page.

What are the Pros of Using Beaker Base Bongs?

These classic bongs have many standard features that make them a no-brainer when looking to purchase a new bong but it's always good to weigh up the pros and cons before committing to buying a bong:

  • Large Capacity for Water - the beaker-like shape adds space to the base which can be filled with more water to help with filtration compared to other types of bongs.
  • Sturdy and Stable - the large base of the bong means you're less likely to knock it over, it's much more stable compared to straight tube bongs that only require a slight nudge to send them into the abyss and smashed into a million pieces.
  • Classic and Iconic Look - when you paint a picture in your mind of the stereotypical water pipe you'll almost certainly conjure an image very similar to the silhouette of a beaker base bong.
  • Better Filtration - because these water pieces hold more water you'll find the enlarged surface area filters the smoke better and as a result gives smoother hits.
  • Less Splashback - because of the conical shape of the bong you'll experience far less splashback compared to a straight tube bong which is of course a huge bonus because splashback absolutely sucks after a couple of dozen hits.

Unsure of the lingo of bongs and what to look for? Check our What is a Bong blog.

What to Consider when Purchasing Beaker Bongs

There are lots of features and aspects to consider when you're purchasing a bong in order to make sure you buy the right one to suit your needs.

  • Size - When it comes to buying a bong you definitely want to consider the size as size really does matter when we're talking bongs. If you're a beginner you might want to purchase a small to medium piece because you'll need to build up your lung capacity before buying those huge brutes of bongs.
  • Material - Very important; with so many materials to choose from nowadays it's important to get the right material of bong for you. Glass Bongs give the best taste and in our opinion look the best. Need a super affordable bong? Then go for an Acrylic Bong. If you're super clumsy and like taking your bongs out of your house and about then you should consider a Silicone Bong. If you love a unique design and a bong that stands out from the crowd then check out our selection of Ceramic Bongs.
  • Budget - Depending on your budget you may be looking for expensive bongs or cheap bongs, you'll certainly be able to find something perfect for your budget here at Ali Bongo because of our huge collection of bongs. With over 30 years in the game we've had our fair share of experience sourcing the best bongs around for our customers. All of our bongs are the best quality for money and won't let you down.
  • Glass Thickness - Typically thicker glass is the telltale sign of quality when looking at bongs. A higher glass thickness usually results in a higher price but it's also important to ensure the durability of your bong is tip top.
  • Brands - If you're familiar with bong brands you may already be considering a certain brand but it's worth checking out our large range of brands as they all have their own unique twist when manufacturing bongs.
  • Features - If you find old-school bongs quite hot and harsh to smoke you'll definitely want to consider purchasing Ice Bongs or Percolator Bongs. An Ice Bong will cool your smoke down before your hits and a percolator bong will filter your smoke removing any toxins acting as a diffuser, meaning your bong experience will be much more satisfying.

Still not sure what type of bong fits your tastes the most? We'd recommend reading our Every Kind of Bong blog.

Are Beaker Bongs better than Flat Base Bongs?

Both have their own advantages so it comes down to what your own preferences are. Beaker Bongs hold more water than flat base bongs and you could argue they also filter smoke slightly more because there's a larger surface area of glass for the smoke to travel through, resulting in a smoother smoke.

Although Flat Base Bongs lack the superior capacity for water they are often at a cheaper price compared to other bongs (but not always) because less material is used.

At the end of the day it all comes down to your own tastes and both types are worth considering when buying a bong, for a full indepth guide on buying the right bong check our blog.

Accessories for Beaker Base Bongs

One of the best parts about owning a bong is the bong accessories that are available to greatly enhance your smoking experience. We've searched the whole world for the best accessories available for your bong. Our favourite accessory is the Ash Catcher, not only will it add an extra layer of filtration and act as a percolator but it will also help you maintain your bong and you won't need to clean it as often.

A good bowl and a drop pipe is obviously a necessity (good luck using a bong without them!) but there's a huge range of them so you can really find one that suits your needs.

Of course Gauze and Screens are another essential when using a bong so make sure you're well stocked for a good amount of sessions and don't get caught out without one.

Cleaning supplies are essential for beaker base bongs, giving your bong a clean every now and then helps to prevent bacteria build up.

Beaker Bongs for Sale

 With a massive collection of Beaker Base Bongs to suit any smoker's needs, here at Ali Bongo we've been sourcing the world's best pieces for 30 years so we're well placed to help with the needs of any smoker.

We offer free UK Delivery to any order over £40 and even have next-day delivery options available.

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