Quality Roach Tips

Tips, Roach & Filters, depending on where you are in the world the local lingo differs. A good tip makes the world of difference to your smoke, they’re an absolute essential for any smoker. Browse a huge range of tips, roach and filters here at Ali Bongo, whether you like perforated, non-perforated, natural, recycled, large, small, or even flavoured tips made with terpenes or glass tips; we have it all from brands like Quintessential, Raw, Greengo, Elements, Black Leaf and even our very own Ali Bongo tips. Find your favourite at the UK’s biggest headshop.

What Are Roach Tips?

Roach tips are placed at the end of the joints or cigarettes and prevent your herbs or tobacco from entering your mouth, they also help to add airflow to your blunts or joints ensuring you get the best smoke and smoking experience possible. They are commonly used when using rolling papers such as king skins, 1.25 size skins or flavoured papers but they're also featured in pre rolled papers and blunts & wraps.

Pre Rolled Tips

Pre rolled tips are super convenient and as the name suggests they are ready to go. Usually you'd roll up a roach to be used in your joint or cigarette by using a piece of a roach booklet, but these super convenient accessories are very handy, some are even made of glass or wood and are available in their own packet. Filter tips greatly improve the quality of your smoking experience and most are natural and unbleached.

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