Top-Quality 3-Part Grinders

3-part grinders come in 2 types; one with an extra storage compartment for your herb which is perfect for the on-the-go smoker and another with a collection compartment under the grinder itself. Check out the best 3-part grinders from brands like Santa Cruz, The Bulldog and Head Chef right here and pick yourself up a new best friend.

What are 3-Part Weed Grinders?

There are actually 2 different types of 3-piece dry herb grinders. Typically a 3 piece grinder will feature 2 parts that do the grinding or shredding, and the third part will either be a storage compartment for keeping your herbs safe and scent-free or, it could be a collection chamber which is more commonly found on 4-part grinders, often referred to as crystal catcher grinders.

What are the Benefits of 3-Part Grinders?

Owning a 3-part grinder has many benefits, not only will you have two sections that grind and usually feature a magnet to keep them firmly enclosed, but you will also have either a storage container (usually found on acrylic or plastic 3-part grinders) or a collection compartment so that when you've ground your herb it will fall into a convenient chamber for picking up and putting in your rolling paper, vaporizer, bong or pipe. These herb grinders are exceptionally handy for cooking and making all sorts of edibles too.

What 3-Part Herb Grinder Should I Buy?

There's a large selection of 3-piece grinders to choose from. Acrylic or Plastic 3-piece grinders are very simple and feature an extra storage compartment on top. The most popular choice of 3-part is a metal grinder. A metal grinder will seamlessly grind up your dry herbs and the third part will work as a collection chamber. A plastic or hemp grinder won't have as long of a lifespan as a metal grinder, but affordability and specific needs of the user need to be taken into account of course; it's all down to preference and there are plenty of grinder materials to choose from, even ones made of wood.

3-Part Weed Grinders on Sale

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