How to Clean a Bong: A Step by Step Guide

Over time, a lot less time than you think we might add, your bong will begin to reach unhealthy levels of resin buildup. Think we're exaggerating? Did you know that biofilm can form in your bong in as little as 24 hours? What is biofilm you ask? Biofilm is a layer of microorganisms in which cells form to become the perfect breeding ground for mould, bacteria, fungi and other viruses that have the potential to cause respiratory problems and in some cases even more severe illness.

How can this be avoided? Well, with regular cleaning and a little bit of general bong maintenance you can continue to enjoy silky smooth hits without any of the nastiness or potential health risks.

A dirty glass bong sitting on a table ready to be cleanedA dirty glass bong sitting on a table ready to be cleaned
Never let your bong get this dirty

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Signs that it's time to clean your bong

If you notice any of the following then it is a clear sign that it's time to give your bong a good clean:

  • Unpleasant odour
  • Discoloured bong water
  • Resin buildup

If you notice any of the following you are well overdue a clean at this point and should absolutely not use your bong again before cleaning thoroughly:

  • A slimy film
  • Mould
  • White fuzz

"But I can't be bothered, it'll be fine"

Bad smells, resin buildup and dirty bong water are just some of the unwanted results associated with bong smoking. These potential health hazards are not only unsightly and unclean but they're also guaranteed to taint the flavour of your preferred cannabis strain. Follow these simple cleaning steps to keep your bong(s) in tip-top shape.

TOP TIP: Own a silicone bong? You can just chuck that right in the dishwasher and the jobs a good'un!

What you'll need to keep your bong clean

There are a number of ways to clean your bong depending on the material it is constructed from and the cleaning products you choose to use. You may be able to skip stages, or if necessary repeat them depending on how just how filthy your bong is. Before we get into how to clean a bong, let's take a look at what you'll need before you begin:

  • Gloves: optional but advisable as some cleaning products can be mildly acidic
  • Clean warm water
  • Washing up liquid
  • Resealable bags or plastic container(s) - we prefer containers, they're a little kinder to the environment
  • Cleaning solution: Isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, lemon juice or Formula 420
  • Coarse salt, baking soda or uncooked rice
  • Stoppers, bungs, plugs, cotton balls or dish towels
  • Pipe cleaner(s),  plastic q-tips or a bottle brush
  • Bowl, basin, or sink large enough to submurge all the pieces of your bong safely

Before you start

It is worth noting at this point that the cleaning process for acrylic and silicone bongs is slightly different. The alcohol and salt solution has the potential to damage these materials, so it's best to opt for a natural alternative or simply use warm water and soap.

How to clean a bong

Dispose of your dirty bong water

It's probably not necessary to mention this stage, but just in case - any remaining bong water should be emptied before beginning to clean your bong! Once emptied, give your bong a good rinse to remove any debris and fill it halfway with warm water. You can add some washing up liquid at this stage which will help to tackle particularly stubborn residue.

Seperate all the removeable parts of your bong

Dismantle all movable parts - bowls, downstems, extenders and removable chambers. It's worth a thorough inspection after your bong has been deconstructed to ensure there are no damaged, chipped, or cracked components. (This is a particularly prevalent problem in ornate glass bongs which can be very delicate - so be careful!)

Soak each part of your bong in warm water

Grab your containers, or resealable bags if you're not feeling so environmentally conscious, and fill them with warm water. Leave the components of your bong to soak in the containers for 15-30 minutes.

Add your chosen cleaner and abrasive mix

The combination of the cleaning solution and abrasive is key to this stage, regardless of whether you choose to use an alcohol and salt mixture, lemon juice with baking soda or Dr Greens' bong and pipe cleaner with uncooked rice.

Plug your bong to ensure water tightness and SHAKE

Using your chosen bungs, plugs or cotton balls (we'd recommend a bung or plug where possible) ensure that any holes are watertight, you don't want to be wiping cleaning solution from your ceiling!

Then it's time to SHAKE! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!

Time for some elbow grease

Check your bong for any remaining dirt or residue (make sure to look in those hard to reach spots) and give it a good old scrub using your pipe cleaners or q-tips.

Repeat the cleaning process as many times as necessary

Give your bong a once over to ensure it is completely clean, and then give it a quick rinse under some clean water before reassembling and cracking on with your next hit. If any dirt remains, follow the steps again and repeat the cleaning process as necessary.

If you've reached this step and find that your bong is still dirty, despite repeating the process numerous times it's probably time to invest in a new one, so why not check out our vast range of quality bongs?

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