Premium Stash & Storage

Here you’ll find our huge and diverse range of stash & storage products. All of our stash products are designed to be discrete and fit into just about any environment to protect contents and valuables from prying eyes. For Storage, you’ll also find must-have products for large amount of legal smoking herbs such as the C Vault and Tight-Vac or for the smaller amounts of herbs we have Pop Tops, Smell proof Baggies, Tins and Pouches, Joint Holders and much more.

What is a Weed Stash?

Put simply a weed stash is a place to keep your weed or other valuables for the prying eyes of others, that is to say, a place to hide your weed! There are tons of ingenious ways of stashing your weed whether you're wanting to simply store it in a place where it's life will be prolonged and kept fresh such as a cvault, or a place where nobody will find it or smell it, like a smell proof baggy or airtight glass jar.

What is the Best Storage for Weed?

Honestly, it all depends on why you're storing your weed; do you want to keep it hidden, or do you want to keep it fresh? Both? If you're looking to keep your weed hidden and fresh we'd recommend the super discreet cvault. Available in a large range of sizes to cater for your storage needs, these stainless steel containers are the perfect solution for keeping your natural herbal products the right humidity and they are totally smell proof aswell as discreet; we recommend this quality piece of equipment for any herb enthusiast whether you're on the go or just looking for a place to keep your herb fresh at home.

What is the Most Discreet Storage for Weed?

There are so many items to choose from here, if you're looking to get your herbs into an event such as a festival we'd recommend taking a look at our stash cans. There's a huge range to choose from and all of these diversion stash cans look so genuine and inconspicuous you won't even break a sweat when sneaking weed into a festival (or any other things for that matter, including jewelry).

What is the Best Weed Stash Jar?

Jars for stashing your favourite herbs are available in all sorts of colours and sizes; big and small. We recommend the Re-Stash Jars, these are an excellent alternative to stash boxes and are the perfect place to store your precious products. Re-stash jars are essentially mason jars with a silicone covering, this protects the glass from knocks and drops and they even have a child proof polypropylene (re-purposed farm waste and hemp fibres) which not only protects against the sun but also from little inquisitive hands whilst still being eco-friendly.

The 420 Science and the Juicy Jay range of Stash Jars are smell proof, high quality storage solutions for your herb and are available in every colour and design you could imagine. We really love these range of jars because they are also super great quality for money.

What is a Good Stash Box?

Good stash boxes are discreet and keep all of your herbs safe and sound whilst also reducing the odor a little bit. A good stash box is one of those essential items for a stoner in need of a storage solution, we even have stash boxes that are disguised as books!

What is the Best Smell Proof Weed Stash?

If you're looking to get a truly smell proof storage solution for your herbs then in our opinion the best thing to go for is the Tight Vac. The Tight Vac is perfect for when you want to really get rid of those strong odors, they easily vacuum seal are and there are many different sizes on offer whether you want to stash 5 grams all the way up to 145 grams.

For a smaller storage solution our highest recommendation is the brand Smelly Proof. These super strong baggies won't even let the most powerful odors out of their puncture resistant material thanks to the 2x double locking zipper, and there are discounts available with our bulk buy options.

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