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Best Bongs. here you’ll find a prestigious range of the very best bongs available at Ali Bongo, whether they’re a best seller, a long-standing favourite, or simply a piece that is to marvelled at. Browse our tried and tested best bongs today and fall in love with a new piece that will take your smoking experience to the upper echelons of stoner heaven.

Best Bongs to Buy UK

Here you'll find a range of the best bongs online, handpicked by the staff at Ali Bongo. If you're looking for a premium quality bong that will deliver the best smoking experience around you've come to the right place, but first, it's important to get to know what the best bong is for you. For a full rundown of What to look out for when buying a bong or all different types of bongs check our guides, or full a complete and compreshensive piece of reading, you'll want the Ultimate Guide to Bongs.

Should I Get a Percolator Bong?

Good question; while percolator bongs give our hits a filtered smooth smoke with they do require a stronger draw which is something a total beginner may lack so naturally we would recommend percolator bongs to more experienced smokers. There are however exceptions, if you're looking at smaller bongs with a percolator it may be perfectly suitable as a first bong.

Should I Get An Ice Bong?

Bongs with an ice chamber help by cooling smoke by utilizing Ice Cubes that are suspended in the neck of the bong. These small traps (or Ice Pinch ) make a huge difference in terms of smoke quality; experienced bong users will straight away notice the smoother smoke when you add ice with an ice bong because the ice cubes reduce the high temperature of the smoke making the hits much much cooler. Let's be honest, there's not much worse than a raging hot hit from a bong, with ice bongs you won't get this problem with a combination of cold water and ice cubes, look for ice traps in a beaker base bong and you'll fall in love. 

Should I get an Acrylic Bong or a Glass Bong?

Speaking truthfully, if you want to get the best smoking experience possible then going for acrylic bongs or cheap bongs isn't going to get you there. Whilst acrylic bongs are good value for their money they do develop a bit of a smell over time which affects the taste, especially if you leave bong water in them for too long. Acrylic bongs are made from much cheaper materials than glass bongs, if you want a bong to stand the test of time you'd be better going for a glass bong made from thick borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and far stronger than acrylics.

High quality glass bongs have a far better taste, combine this with the water filtration capabilities on glass bongs with other smoking accessories such as an ash catcher.

Acrylic bongs tend to need more maintenance and cleaning when compared to Glass Bongs, after a good few sessions they'll start to smell unless you keep on top of cleaning your acrylic bongs.

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