Whether you're shopping for a towering brute of a glass bong, a durable acrylic piece that will stand the test of time or any accessory to fit your bong you’ll find it right here with all the top brands like RooR, Grace Glass and Black Leaf amongst many others.

Where Can I Buy Bongs in the UK?

All about where to buy a great bong in UK, here we will try our best to give you advice on what to look out for when buying a bong and answer some of your questions about buying a bong in the UK. If you're completely new to buying bongs we'd strongly suggest checking our What is a Bong blog where all your questions will be answered.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Bong Online?

Absolutely! We sell bongs every day here at Ali Bongo and our packaging ensure that your bongs will arrive to you safe and sound, whether we're sending it within the UK or internationally. We have a huge range to choose from so you'll be able to find the perfect bong for you. Depending on which shipping method you select, you could have the right bong for you the next day!

There are many things to consider when buying a bong, with each type of bong coming with it's own advantages.

How Does a Bong Work?

There are loads of different types of bongs. There are glass bongs, ceramic bongs, plastic bongs, and silicone bongs. There are bongs with percolators and bongs with multiple chambers, there are beaker shaped bongs and cylindrical bongs - the list is endless. All of these bongs are used for the same thing (to smoke of tobacco or other herbs), and they all work in pretty much the same way, some are so simple they look just like a water bottle.

Water is added to the water chamber, typically through the mouthpiece, until it covers the bottom part of the downstem (or percolator depending on the type of bong) - this helps to cool the smoke as well as trap some of the heavier particles preventing them from entering the smoker's lungs. Some bongs also feature an ice catch (or ice pinch) in which ice cubes are inserted to provide further cooling making for a smoother smoke. Using a bong to smoke cannabis is one of the most common ways of getting high, along with smoking joints, blunts, spliffs (in the UK) or vaping weed with a vaporizer.

The herb of choice is inserted into the herb bowl before being ignited. As this is happening the smoker inhales steadily drawing smoke through the water and into the chamber. Once the herb has been burnt the smoker removes the bowl (or uncovers the 'rush hole' / 'kick hole' depending on the type of bong) which allows fresh air to enter the chamber making it possible for the smoker to inhale and harvest the hit. Many people love to use bongs because they don't require tobacco and give the user a quick hit.

If you want to get a really comprehensive knowledge of bongs you should check out our Ultimate Guide to Bongs page but the basic point of a bongs is to efficiently and quickly consume your chosen legal herbal mix.

What type of bongs are best?

Put 20 smokers in a room together and ask this question and you'll more than likely get 20 different responses. Old heads might tell you that the traditional glass cylindrical bong is the only way to go whilst the new age stoner might swear by some of the outlandish and customisable options available today. Our huge range includes more than 400 bongs and accessories from top brands such as RooR, Chongz, Phoenix Glass and more - plenty for you to try out before deciding on your favourite. Many people love to use bongs for their effect but it's also favoured amongst smokers who want to enjoy their herbs without the use of tobacco.

Glass Bongs

Glassware has since been the most popular and commonly used material for bongs for various reasons. Most glass pipes and bongs are made using heat-resistant borosilicate glass which is completely non-toxic and doesn't affect the taste of the smoke in any way making for a clean and pure experience. Glass bongs are typically transparent which makes them easy to monitor for unwanted resin build up and they're also very easy to clean. Aside from functionality glass bongs are particularly popular due to their aesthetic - they look great! Because of these things you'll notice that quality glass tend to demand a higher price than bongs made from other materials. Pretty much any dab rig you can find will be made out of glass too.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are a popular choice and a good compromise for smokers who don't want to pay the premium for a glass water bong but still want a clean, untainted hit and want to do it in style. They're slightly cheaper than glass bongs, slightly more hardwearing and typically far more artistically elaborate style in their design (to the point where people even purchase them for collection purposes) but the functionality is simple and effective.

Acrylic Bongs

An Acrylic Bong is far more robust and durable than a glass one and is ideal for smokers who intend to bring their bong with them to various locations. They won't break when dropped or knocked, and will last a lifetime even in the hands of the clumsiest of smokers. However, whilst they might be affordable and hard-wearing it's commonly accepted that they provide an inferior smoking experience when compared to ceramic and glass water pipes. In most cases, though not all, cheap bongs and water pipes are made using acrylic.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They're cheap, virtually indestructible, and available in an almost endless array of amazing looking designs. They're dishwasher safe and can be thrown in a backpack without worry. They're an ideal portable choice for on-the-move smokers.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs (or percs) feature a built-in diffuser which works alongside the natural water filtration of the bong to provide what is considered by many to be the ultimate bongs available due to the way it filters the smoke. Percolators come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and designs - there are inline percolators, honeycomb percolators, showerhead diffusers and swiss percs to name but a few - which all serve to stop water from splashing back into the smoker's mouth whilst further cooling and filtering the smoke.

Ice Bongs

We really commend the satisfaction of using an ice bong. If you want super crisp and smooth hits then these are the right bong for you. These notches usually appear most on glass bongs but lots of acrylic bongs have them too and even some silicone bongs have recently adopted them.

Beaker Base Bongs

A beaker base bong are considered by many to be the best bong. They have a classic shape iconic to stoner culture and have amazing abilities for dispersing smoke and filtration because of the large water levels that fit inside the bottom chamber.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs (also known as concentrate rigs and oil rigs) are purpose-built devices designed specifically for the smoking of concentrates - typically cannabis waxes, oils and shatters. Generally made from glass they feature many of the same components as a traditional bong, but they will also feature what's known as a dab nail or banger - the component in which the chosen concentrate is heated.

Our best bongs of 2023 UK

How to Clean Your Bongs

Keeping your bong clean is super important and is much easier than you think! Check out our how-to guide on how to clean a bong, whether it be glass, acrylic, ceramic or silicone, this step-by-step walkthrough will make cleaning your bong easy. Having a clean bong also makes your bong much safer to use.

Best Bongs for Beginners

Smaller gauge bongs are excellent for beginner bong users as they require less breath to inhale the hit. For a smoother smoke, we would also suggest opting for a bong that includes a percolator and ice pinch.

As discussed earlier acrylic bongs are the cheapest and most durable option. If that's up your street check out the Chongz Brain Scan Plastic Bong which features an epic dimension-defying ice trap.

Fancy a glass piece? For a superior smoking experience consider the Pheonix Star Square Base. Its simple shape, ice notches, water capacity and quality will ensure you get the best smoking experience at an affordable price.

If you're leaning towards something of the silicone variety you can't go wrong with the Easy Clean Scientist Silicone Bong.

Which size bongs are best?

Depending on how experienced you are with using a bong, you will want to consider the size of the piece. A larger bong will be able to hold more smoke and deliver bigger hits, whereas small bongs are more suited to beginners or those with smaller lung capacity. If you're used to smoking through bongs then the world is your oyster, however if you're a bit intimidated or are new to smoking then go for a smaller piece, preferably with a function to smooth and cool smoke.

What material is the best bong made out of?

The materials your bong is made from are very important to consider when buying the best bong for you. They each have different qualities and some materials may be more suited to your needs than others. Here is a quick look atthe  different materials available:

Glass Bongs

Glass is the typical material used, and glass bongs are the best bongs for flavour, quality and often appearance, however they are usually more expensive than bongs made from other materials. Most bongs here at Ali Bongo are made from borosilicate glass which is durable, thick and scientific grade. We would recommend a glass piece over any other material to any beginner or expert, add an ash catcher to give your new bong an additional chamber for extra filtration capabilities for a smooth smoke. We recommend cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol or our Dr Green Bong Cleaner.

Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs are usually more straightforward than glass bongs as they tend not to have percolators or fancy diffusers. They're also very lightweight and easy to clean and come in a wide range of vibrant colours. An acrylic bong is a great choice for those who want something a bit less fragile than glass bongs as they are made from durable acrylic plastic. We'd recommend an acrylic bong if you're not too fussed about having a fancy piece and are perhaps clumsy and will easily have smashed a bong within a couple of months of owning it. Acrylics are so easy to use, just light the bowl and hold the carb hole while drawing smoke and when you're ready to clear release the carb hole and just inhale.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramics are a great option for those just starting out, or for if you want something a little more durable than glass bongs. Most bongs come with an included metal drop pipe and bowl for ease of use. They also tend to come in novelty designs in the form of characters, animals and even body parts! Ceramic bongs have so much character and personality whilst also boasting durability and ease of use, the right bong for beginners or for anybody who wants a cool-looking bong and buy bongs online.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are a very durable, sustainable choice for a bong as they require minimal cleaning, are easily transported thanks to being slightly flexible, and are very unlikely to break. Some would even say they are virtually indestructible especially compared to glass bongs, but you should still treat it with care to assure it lasts for as long as possible. If you're a bit clumsy then this type of bong is the right bong for you.

Has it Got a Percolator?

Percolator bongs have many benefits such as producing much smoother smoke and even more clean smoke compared to those without. They offer  smoke and water filtration that is unmatched by any diffuser drop pipe. A percolator is an intricate glass filtration device that smoke travels through, smoothing it out and helping to filter out impurities and harmful chemicals, giving you a much more pleasant smoking experience. Percolator Bongs usually have a slightly higher price tag.

Has it Got an Ice Trap or Ice Catcher?

An ice trap, also known as an ice catcher or pinch is a feature on bongs that rapidly reduce the temperature of the smoke by using ice cubes or bars. This gives you a far more enjoyable smoking experience as cool smoke is far less harsh than hot smoke. They usually look like three indents in the neck of the bong, and will suspend ice within the neck while smoke travels around it as it's cooled. Ice traps are most commonly found in glass bongs and acrylic bongs.

Still unsure what the best bong is for you? We'd recommend checking out our Every King of Bong Blog which will easily help you identify the perfect kind of bong for you.

What are the Best Bong Brands?

Here at Ali Bongo you can find a huge range of bongs from several reputable brands. Our glass bongs, ceramic bongs and acrylic bongs and more come from trusted, quality brands that both us and our customers love. Some of our best include Phoenix Star, Chongz, RooR, Grace Glass and PieceMaker, but the list doesn't stop there; take a look at our full range of brands to find your favourites for all types of smoking equipment. Here at Ali Bongo you can also find bongs with no brand which are every bit as good, and as popular as many branded bongs online.

Do You Have Bongs on Sale for a Special Price?

Of course, we always have a nicely stocked Sale section on our website online store as well as our physical shop. You can find a large selection of bongs made in many different designs, and different materials at a special price, whether they are just on a brilliant offer or the last remaining few of a range of bongs. Some glass bongs on sale are even premium pieces which are at a very special price where it is the last chance to buy them before they are gone forever.

Have a look at our Sale and Special Price section here to see all the amazing products we have on offer for less than the retail price.

Will my bong break in transit?

Our amazing packing department hand packs every single order to an extremely high standard to ensure that your items (hopefully a bong!) arrive undamaged every time when you buy bongs online from us. Even the most fragile glass bong arrives at its destinations in perfect condition thanks to the skill of our dedicated packing team.

It is extremely rare that we ever have customers complain about goods arriving damaged, and we're proud of that!

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