Rolling Boxes

With a lid to close and sections for all the essentials we absolutely love rolling boxes here at Ali Bongo. They work excellently as a stay-at-home hub for all the rolling gear or as a portable storage for bringing all your favourite requirements like your grinder, skins and roach over to a friends house for a sesh. With the likes of Head Chef, Smokers Club and Cool Krew in our range of Rolling Boxes, we're pretty positive you'll find a favourite to fall in love with.

What is a Rolling Box?

Simply put, a rolling box is a place where you can store all the items you need for rolling your own, whether that be joints, cigarettes or blunts (we don't judge). Rolling boxes have been used for decades and are like a little box of treasures to it's owner, often containing their grinders, weed stash, rolling papers, lighters, pipes, you name it!

What are the Benefits of A Rolling Box?

Easy; rolling boxes provide a safe place to store all of our smoking accessories, they are available in different sizes so it's important to choose the right size with your accessories in mind, for example, make sure you get one large enough for your grinder and other essentials.

Lots of rolling boxes also include what is called an M Card, or V Block, these give you the perfect surface to roll your own on and make it much easier to pick up your rolling paper after you've distributed your weed or tobacco.

Rolling boxes can also be quite discreet and if you're a sneaky stoner or a weekend stoner and want all your accessories to be hidden during the day or week then a rolling box is an excellent solution meaning when you're done smoking up, just put it under your bed or in a draw.

Rolling Box Weed Accessories

Once you've chosen your rolling box you may already have your weed accessories, however, if you need those essentials or you want to resupply on them then check out our extensive range of vapes, bongs, pipes, rolling papers, scales, ashtrays and way more to get the best smoking experience possible.

At Ali Bongo we have dozens of rolling boxes for you to check out, so sit back, have a browse and order from the comfort of your own home with free shipping if you spend over a certain amount (more info). We also offer next day delivery if you're in the UK so you'll have the perfect rolling box in no time.

Unsure what's the best weed box for you? Just get in contact with us. We're more than happy to give our honest, trusted and expert opinion having been in the smoking game for over 3 decades.

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