Premium Novelty Weed Grinders

Looking for grinders that are a bit different? Our novelty section is the perfect place to find a unique grinder, whether the Biodegradable Hemp Shredders by Santa Cruz or the wooden grinder by Black Leaf catches your eye be sure to browse the whole section.

Novelty Grinders

If you're looking for herb grinders with personality then this range of novelty grinders is for you. It's important to not only get a grinder that is easy to use, has durability and offers a seamlessly easy grind, but it also needs to be fun and match your personality!

Here you'll find novelty grinders that are available in all shapes, sizes and materials whether it be simple 2-part plastic grinders, bougie 3-part hemp grinders by Santa Cruz or incredibly durable 4-part grinders by Head Chef.

What are Novelty Herb Grinders?

Novelty herb grinders work the same way as any other typical grinder but have much more personality and are considered more fun. Novelty grinders are available in all types of materials from acrylic, metal, wood and even hemp and are perfect for grinding your herbs to prepare for your bong, vape, rolling papers and even for cooking.

If your needs a pretty basic or you have a smaller budget we'd suggest looking at our acrylic grinders or even wooden grinders. If you want a grinder that will last you a lifetime we'd recommend taking a look at heavier materials of grinder such as metal grinders.

Grinders powered by Electricity

When it comes to grinding our herbs we're always on the lookout for the newest way to get quality ground herbs without all the effort involved, which is why we have electric grinders available like the Banana Brothers Otto. These amazing electric herb grinders take away all the effort and are perfect for those with conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome other conditions where mobility is limited.

Funny Grinders

Everybody loves a good gag when grinding their herbs, so check out our hilarious range of weed grinders. They make the perfect fun gift for your alternatively-minded friend and there's a huge range to make your selection from with many on offer.

Weed Grinding Cards

For the smoker on a budget, or just looking for something different we recommend checking out our selection of grinder cards. There's a large choice of metal grinder cards which may take a little bit more effort to grind your herbs but they are also super discrete, simple to use and add a little bit of a ceremonious touch to smoking your herbs.

Novelty Herb Grinders on Offer

Looking for extra special herb grinders as a treat to yourself or as a gift for your beloved friend on a budget? Look no further than our range of herb grinders at Ali Bongo.

UK orders of £40 or over qualify for free delivery and we also have next-day delivery options so you can get your herb grinders in a flash.

Unsure which herb grinders are right for you? Get in touch, with over 30 years in the smoking industry we are more than happy to help you out with any smoking accessory-related questions and queries.

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