Bong Converters

Bong Converters, Bong converters, which include reducers and increasers too are a lifesaver if you’re a glass collector and different bowls, ash catchers and bongs of a different gauge. Easily make your 14.5mm bowl fit an 18.8mm bong with an increaser, or reduce your 14.5mm bong to fit a 10mm banger to convert your bong to a dab rig. Using a vaporizer with your glassware is also possible with the use of an adapter or converter, just be sure to get the right fit.

What is a Bong Adapter?

In short, bong adapters will allow you to use a bowl of a usually incompatible ground joint size or sex together with your drop pipe and give you greater freedom of choice when it comes to using different bong accessories and attachments such as bowls, ash catchers, pre-coolers and even vaporizers with your bong.

Can I Convert my Bong into a Dab Rig?

Yes, absolutely and very easily with the help of bong adapters. The first thing you'll need to know is what ground joint size and sex your bong is, and then you'll need to find a fitting banger (or nail and dome).

If you already have a banger but it's the incorrect size for your bong, don't worry, this an easy-to-solve issue with the help of a bong converter; you'll just need to purchase a bong adapter that fits your banger on one end and the bong on the other. For example, if you have an 18.8mm female bong but a 14.5mm male banger you'll need an 18.8mm male - 14.5mm female bong adapter.

How Do I Use my Bong with my Vape?

Seriously, there is nothing that will leave you quite as satisfied as a vaporizer session made perfect by combining your glassware with your vape. Many vaporizers such as the mighty and crafty can be used with a bong with the help of adapters and whips, all you'll need to know is the ground joint size of your bong, then ensure you buy the relevant size adapter and whip.

How Do I Buy the Right Bong Adapters?

At first glance, bong adapters can seem a little confusing; we get it, but, to simplify things all you really need to think about is what your intended use is. Get the accessories and bong that you want to fit together and look at the different sizes. If you have a male bowl then you already know that you'll need a female converter on one end, if you have a female bong then you'll need a male converter on one end, then you'll just need to think about the sizes of the ground joints, is the bong 14.5mm female and the bowl 18.8mm male? Then you'll just need to add an 18.8mm female - 14.5mm male converter to your collection; sorted.

If you're still struggling then please don't hesitate to get in touch with the professionals here at Ali Bongo, we've done our fair share of bong-converting detective work over the years! Give us a call on (+44)1603 760055 or send an email to where we'll get back to you sharpish.

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