Secure and Quality-Assured Weed Baggies

A huge range of resealable baggies in all shapes and sizes to cater for every need! Baggies are an essential for anybody who loves the herb, it’ll keep it well protected, all in one place and we recommend checking out the Smelly Proof Bags range if you have a particularly smelly batch of herb.

Baggies for Weed

Weed Baggies; the most common way people stash their herbs. Weed Baggies are available in a huge range of sizes with all sorts of designs and material comprising them. Baggies are ideal for storing many things, not just your herbs but for pipes, bong accessories, rolling gear, scales, food stuffs, valuables, those screws, pins, nuts, bolts that will go missing unless you bag them up; pretty much everything can be stored with a good baggie, keeping it safe from elements and humidity and making it a quick storage solution that saves you time and money; they are super cost effective.

Smell Proof Bags

Whilst not all of your baggies need to be smell proof, sometimes you just need that protection from strong odors, especially when you're out and about in public. In our opinion the best smell proof bags are by the brand Smelly Proof, funny that. Smelly Proof Bags not only keep your content fresh but thanks to the double locking zipper you can have peace of mind that these smell proof bags are truly going to keep all those strong odors in. They are also puncture and tear resistant with 5 sizes to choose from depending on the amount of herbs you need to store, they're also super good value for the price and one of our most top sold product of all time.

There are plenty of other smell proof bags that we confidently recommend from brands such as Cookies, Stink Sacks and Headchef. We're always looking to add to our range of weed baggies but we have high standards when it comes to stocking products, so you can be confident that any baggies (or any product for that matter) you find on Ali Bongo get the job done for the right price.

Cali Weed Baggies

Check out our range of Mylar bags to get that Cali look. These bags are super colourful and are reminiscent of walking into a sweet shop, it's all about the presentation!

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