Unique and Quality Novelty Smoking Pipes

Where all the weird and wonderful hide. Our Novelty Pipes section is where you’ll find all our stand-out, unique, innovative, funny or just plain weird pipes. This is also the perfect section for finding that perfect gift too; all smokers love something truly unique and out of the ordinary; from the utterly smooth Fridge Pipe and life-like Cobra Pipe to the mind bending 8 Spiral Glass Pipe, there’s a huge choice here at Ali Bongo.

What is a Novelty Smoking Pipe?

Here you'll find a range of all our bespoke and unique pipes that will have you smoking in a different way and enjoying your pipe smoking experience to the max.

Our novelty pipes don't really fit into any other category on the website because they are either made from unique materials, a bit too risky, rude, or in such incredibly intricate styles or shapes.

Here you'll also find our range of silicone pipes which are virtually indestructible, life-long companions for smokers and also our chillums which are ancient smoking devices that are suitable for any type of smoker.

Novelty Smoking Pipes for Sale

We have a huge range of novelty pipes for sale here at Ali Bongo. We'd suggest taking a look at our range of novelty bubble pipe, these amazing and bespoke pipes blows bubbles and enables you to inhale through water filtration which creates bubbles and give you a much smoother smoke. Simply fill with water and start to blow bubbles.

We have free united kingdom delivery when you spend £40 or more on your order and also a next-day delivery service available for customers from the united kingdom. We also have a section for novelty pipes on sale where you can buy with confidence knowing we're no.1 for customer service and have discreet packaging.

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