Premium Plastic Weed Grinders

Plastic Grinders for Weed

Plastic grinders are the choice of material for millions of smokers worldwide because of their durability, great value and quality of grind, however, everybody is different so it's important to do some research first so that you can make a properly informed decision based on your needs.

Plastic Grinders vs Metal Grinders

Whilst a plastic herb grinder isn't quite as durable as a metal grinder, they are much more affordable and lightweight than its metal counterparts. Acrylic grinders won't last as long a time as metal grinders but because they cost less money and still grind your herbs efficiently depending on the teeth, they are still worth well worth considering, especially if you just need a grinder for short-term use.

Plastic Grinders with Crystal Catchers

Plastic Herb Grinders have come a long way in recent years. Traditionally plastic grinders were limited to 2 or 3 parts with a simple grinding chamber filled with teeth and perhaps a third part to act as a storage container with a lid, but recently we've seen the introduction of 4-part or 4-piece acrylic grinders which is great for collecting kief or crystals in the 4th chamber. These epic 4-piece plastic herb shredders are used in the same way as your typically 2-piece, but often have a larger diameter allowing you to pack more herbs in for smoking, as well as a collection chamber with steel filters or gauze, and crystal catcher chamber. Despite all this functionality, these crystal catcher grinders are still totally affordable.

How Do I Clean A Plastic Grinder?

Cleaning your acrylic grinder is super easy. If your acrylic grinder has been only lightly used then some hot and soapy water will probably do the trick, however, if your shredder has seen lots of use and resin has built up around the teeth or side then you may find you'll need something like a toothpick or cocktail stick to scrape this away with. When cleaning your grinder you should always be careful not to scratch the acrylic, and definitely don't use any alcohol-based cleaner either. Clean grinders = happy smokers.

Plastic Grinders on Sale

 With a large range of various plastic herb grinders to make a selection from, we're sure we have the right shredder in stock for you. Complete your order with ease with our 1-step checkout, and, spend £40 or more on your order and you'll get free UK delivery. We also have a next-day delivery option too, so you can make a selection to receive your items the very next day!

If you have any questions about which acrylic grinder, or any smoking accessories we stock, then please do get in touch.

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