High-Quality Rolling Papers & Skins

Papers, skins, what ever you might like to call them, the most popular way to enjoy herb worldwide is through smoking and rolling your own with skins and blunts, at least where we come from! Browse a stunning selection of king skins, 1.25 size skins, regular skins, the pre-rolled cones with no rolling needed or if herbal blends simply aren’t your thing go straight for our blunts and wraps to enjoy your herb to the fullest. Here at Ali Bongo we carry all the world renowned brands such as Rizla, Elements, RAW (of course!), Vibez, Backwoods, Pay Pay, Juicy Jay, Smoking, and many more.

Rolling Papers

Over the years as the smoking market has grown Ali Bongo has amassed a huge selection of rolling papers of all sorts of materials and sizes from king size, regular size, 1.25 size, rolls, flavoured papers, hemp, rice and many more; if you can think of it, it exists, and if it exists, we have it!

What rolling paper brands are the best?

Every brand has their own selling point so the answer to this question is down to what you prefer. We stock all these rolling paper brands that are popular in the United Kingdom.

RAW Papers

Raw king size rolling papers have always been a go-to for smokers worldwide but as the years have passed Raw have created rolling papers to cater for every smoker, from the convenient pre rolls and wraps to regular size rolling papers and even 12 inch huge rolling papers. Raw papers are unbleached, unrefined, contain no chalk, dyes or burn additives, have great flavour and are made from totally natural plants. Raw rolling papers are amongst the greatest ever made and a favourite here at Ali Bongo. Raw black king size are the most lightweight papers we've ever seen giving you maximum taste.


Rizla rolling papers have a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to 1532 and are one of the first manufacturers of smoking papers. Rizla are a french brand and are pioneers of cigarette rolling papers, so much so that in the United Kingdom 'Rizla' is a standard term for a rolling paper. The name Rizla comes from the french word for rice (riz) and lacroix (la+). Rizla have a large range of papers in all sorts of thickness and weights and were the first to release flavoured papers back in 1906 in the form of menthol and strawberry.

Blazy Susan

A relatively new brand to hit the scene, Blazy Susan rolling papers are available in varying sizes and stoners all over the globe are falling in love with these premium quality rolling papers because of their 100% organic material, natural chemicals to give them the stand-out pink dye, and a large variety of sizes. Blazy Susan cones are amongst the most positively reviewed papers available and are pre rolled for your convenience.

Juicy Jays

As you would expect, Juicy Jays are full of flavour and are seriously tasty! Juicy Jays started back in the 80's in the US and have been on top of the flavoured rolling paper game ever since. Available in king size, 1.25 and regular size, Juicy Jays are favourites amongst a large range of smokers and are available at very attractive prices. These roll your own papers are available in many mouth watering flavours from watermelon and blueberry all the way to liquorice and Jamaican rum. Juicy Jay also have a range of pure hemp wraps, also flavoured but ready to go and pre-rolled; super convenient.


Est 1822 in France, OCB have been producing top quality rolling papers. The quality of OCB papers is the main factor of course, however they are also a very forward thinking brand that use sustainable fibres harvested in France, a no bleaching process, totally vegan friendly materials and also have no dyes or GMOs. OCB Premium king size rolling papers and OCB gold rolling papers are amongst the nation's favourite go to rolling paper for a superb smoke.


Specialising in Rolling Papers on a roll, Rips are a roll-your-own manufacturer with a twist; simply open your roll and choose how long you'd like your smoke. An excellent choice for the smoker who enjoys a cigarette in all different sizes.

Types of Rolling Papers

King size - larger than your typical regular size cigarette rolling papers (the clue is in the name!) and typically measuring around 110mm length and 45mm width, king size rolling papers are the most favourable type of rolling papers for people smoking herbs. We have a huge stock of king size papers, probably the biggest in the UK.

Regular size - the most favourite amongst cigarette smokers, regular size rolling papers are typically around 70mm in length and 35mm in width. Popular regular sizes are by Zig Zag and Rizla.

1.25 Size - in between a king and a regular size, 1.25 size is a very popular choice in the UK. Usually measures 75mm length and 45mm wide.

Pre-rolls - Really convenient; the hard work is done for you, including the filter tips! Pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes from regular size all the way to 24 inches like the Raw Challenge Cone. Simply fill, ignite, and enjoy. No need to roll.

Rolls - Skins on a roll are a very popular choice and are truly the most versatile choice for the indecisive smoker, simply choose your length, rip, and roll.

What are the best rolling papers?

Whilst completely down to personal opinion, here are our personal favourite papers here at Ali Bongo

  • Raw Black King Size Rolling Papers
  • Blazy Susan King Size Slim Rolling Papers
  • Rizla Natura Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers with Roach Booklets
  • Skunk Slow Burning King Size Papers
  • Pay Pay King Size Green Rolling Papers
  • Mascotte Pink King Size Slim Rolling Papers
  • Vibes Rolling Papers - King Size Slim
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