Quality Bong Bowls

Whether you’ve looking for a spare or simply want to upgrade your bowl you’re in good hands here at Ali Bongo, we have a huge range of bowls! Browse our whole range of bowls here or use the filters on the side to narrow your search down to the right size, diameter or colour.

Bowls are essential bong accessories, how are you gonna' light a bowl without a bowl? You can't, don't be so ridiculous!

Whether you're looking to purchase a bowl for your homemade bong, broke the one that came with your bongs or just want to buy some spares or even a larger one for those huge hits, you've come to the right place.

Different Types of Bong Bowls

There are a few different types of bong bowls available so check out the list below to make sure you buy the right bowl for your water pipe, each one will serve a different function

Lifter Handle Bong Bowls

As the name suggests, these handy bowls have a built-in handle to help you lift the bowl out of your glass bong once you're ready to clear the hit from the bong. Very handy and ergonomic.

Built-in Screen Bowls

These types of bowls don't need any added gauze or screens because they have one built in, this is incredibly convenient because it eliminates the need for the constant purchasing of screens and gauze.

Standard Bong Bowls

If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Sometimes all you need is a straight-up regular bowl to get your bong on. It's difficult to really define what could be considered a standard bong bowl considering the countless shapes, colours and sizes that are available out there, but they are all essentially designed to do the same job.

What Size Bong Bowl Should I Buy?

To get the best smoking experience possible from your glass bong you should consider which size bong bowls work best for you.

If you're an experienced bongs user and have an arsenal of glass bongs and accessories then having a large bowl will be a treat for you, it will allow you to enjoy larger hits because of the larger space in the bowl which of course will hold more herbs.

Newer users or smokers who prefer not to get such a strong effect from their herbs will prefer smaller bong bowls because the hits won't be as long or strong.

Personally, we'd recommend collecting a variety of bong bowls so that you can pick and choose the kind of hit you want on a daily basis, it's always better to have a choice!

What's the Difference Between 14.5mm and 18.8mm Bong Bowls?

Getting the right ground joint (or gauge) bowl is very important because it needs to be compatible with your drop pipe to fit into your bowl. If you have a 14.5mm drop pipe then you'll need a 14.5mm bowl and vice versa. You'll also need to choose the correct sex gauge too, so if you have a 14.5mm female drop pipe, you'll need a 14.5mm male bong bowl; pretty simple.

The ground joint size is the size of the frosted part of your bong where it connects to the drop pipe or downstem, in other words, the 'gauge'. The measurement is taken from the diameter of the gauge, most bowls are available in 14.5mm or 18.8mm.

Not only is the ground joint important for different fits, but it'll also determine how much air can be pulled through the bong. A bong or bowl with a 14.5mm gauge will be quite tight and more suitable for beginners, whereas if it has an 18.8mm gauge it'll be much more open because more air can fit through with each pull and therefore be more suitable to experienced users, although, don't over think it, either size gauge is suitable for any bong smoker practically.

Bong Bowls on Sale

 After 30 years in the game, we have built up a huge choice of bong bowl stock in all sort of shape, colour and style, there's a match for everybody. If you need a spare bong bowl then look no further than Ali Bongo. We also offer next-day delivery and many other premium shipping methods as well as free shipping in the united kingdom when you spend £40 or over with us.

Unsure what bong to buy or need a little bit of expert advice? Get in touch with us on (+44)1603 760055 or send an email to admin@alibongo.co.uk where we're always happy to help, or check out our selection of blogs from every type of bong, to bong cleaning to even explaining what is a bong.

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