Glass Smoking Pipes & Accessories

Feast your eyes on the most beautiful glass pipes around, from the classic Steamrollers by RooR to the more contemporary works of art like the Turtle Glass Spoon Pipe or the many Hammer Bubbler Pipes; there really is a pipe for everybody here. Glass Pipes are often preferred for their smooth taste whereas wood and silicone pipes are generally considered very durable; it's all subjective!

How does a smoking pipe work?

Using a smoking pipe is really easy. First inhale while lighting the material (typically tobacco or cannabis) and holding down the carb hole (or kick hole as it's commonly referred to), once the material is evenly burning release the carb hole whilst still inhaling which will pull the smoke into the user's mouth. This process can be repeated many times until the material is thoroughly burnt and finished.

Are Glass Pipes the best to use?

Whilst there are different materials of pipe available, glass pipes have many benefits over wood, metal and silicone. Glass pipes are generally preferred for their clean and clear taste, they also produce the coolest smoke which results in a smooth smoke which is free from harshness. A glass smoking pipe is an excellent choice for any smoker and there is a huge range of shapes, designs and colours to choose from.

What type of glass smoking pipes are there?

These glass water pipes are available in many different styles to suit each type of smoker:-

One Hitters

A One Hitter is a smoking pipe in its simplest form. slender, small and discrete, these one hitters are designed for a single small inhalation which is perfect for the on-the-go smoker. They are inexpensive and are available in many shapes and designs.

Spoon Pipes

Named after their shape, these are usually made from blown glass (but can be made from other materials) and are quite similar to a One Hitter because the bowls are small and designed for quick use. Spoon Pipes are usually very colourful and beautiful to look at, aswell as easy to use.

Chillum Pipe

Typically made from clay or soft stone, Chillum Pipes are straight conical smoking pipes which often feature a small stone which acts as a stopper in the stem. Chillum Pipes have a history dating centuries and centuries and is used in Rastafari 'Reasoning Sessions' where the ritual chillum is sometimes made of a cow's horn; pretty cool!

Shotgun Pipes

Shotgun Pipes are used simply by loading the bowl with tobacco or your chosen herb, covering the carb hole with the palm of your hand, lighting the bowl, taking a pull, then removing your hand from the carb hole whilst still inhaling. The hit is usually quite rich and hot but is designed for really quick, easy and effective use.

Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler pipes are basically a balanced mixture between a bong and a pipe. They typically hit like a dry pipe but use water to smooth out the hit. They still function like other glass pipes with a carb hole and mouthpiece but have a more pleasant smoking experience overall, albeit one that takes more effort and time.

Novelty Pipes

Because there are just so many different types of glass pipes, we categorize a lot of them into our Novelty Pipes Section. Glass Pipes are considered works of art here at Ali Bongo and as such the possibilities are endless. One of our favourite novelty pipes is the Sherlock Holmes Sway Pipe, to categorize this beautiful pipe would be impossible!

Best Glass Smoking Pipes for Beginners

Buying your first smoking pipe can be a bit difficult with so many choices out there. The first thing to consider is how you plan to use your pipe; in the comfort of your own home where you can take your time to enjoy your session, or out and about where a quick hit will be the most sensible way to enjoy your pipe.

  • Vertical 5 Spiral Glass Pipe
  • Glass Pipe Bent Stem
  • Green XL Glass 6-Arm Percolator Bubbler Pipe
  • Colour Splash One Hitter 8cm
  • Ooze Bowser Silicone Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Straight Glass Shotgun Pipe Boxed
  • Pip Squeeze Glass Spoon Pipe
  • RooR Steam Roller

How to Clean a Glass Pipe

In order for your Smoking Pipes to work correctly and efficiently you'll need to keep it as clean as possible. Even if you have a simple pipe this is really important for your smoking experience and your health! Just follow these steps to ensure yours stays clean and works to its best ability:-

  1. Get yourself some Pipe Cleaners and Dr Green Bong Cleaner (or Isopropyl Alcohol, wear gloves and proceed with caution if you use this!)
  2. Separate all the removable parts of your piece
  3. Soak each part in warm water
  4. Add Dr Green Bong Cleaner directly onto your piece and into the warm water
  5. Scrub with Pipe Cleaners
  6. Rinse with warm or cool water

Glass Smoking Pipes for Sale

With free delivery when spending £40 or over, Ali Bongo has you covered with a massive range of glass smoking pipes of all styles, from the classic sherlock pipes reminiscent of sherlock holmes, the more simple pipe like shotgun pipes, all the way to glass smoking pipes with percolators and water filtration aswell as beautiful glass pipes in a spoon style; you're bound to find a glass smoking pipe you'll fall in love with! Ali Bongo also offers a UK next day delivery service along with our glass smoking pipes for sale.

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