The most weird and wonderful skins we can find it one place. Think you can try your lungs at RAW’s Challenger Cone? Be our guest!

What are Novelty Rolling Papers?

You're probably wondering what we mean by novelty rolling papers, basically, these are our collection of the most unique papers whether they're funny, an eye catching colour or just outright weird. They're available in a range of different rolling paper sizes, styles, weights and can be rolled in different ways.

Unique Rolling Paper

Our Novelty Rolling Papers section is the place to be if you're looking to stock up on unique papers to give your smoke that special edge. From special pre rolled cones, filter tips and rips to skins that you have to prepare in outlandish ways such as the infamous Raw Challenge Cone, you'll be able to find a special rolling paper in all sorts of different materials like hemp, rice and even 24k gold to give your beloved rolls that wow-factor.

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