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An essential in every stoners arsenal, we fluff up, grind, shred and sift the world’s most beautiful plant every time with our grinders. We want to enjoy her at her best so it only makes sense to carry the UK’s biggest and most impressive range of grinders. Whether you’re on the hunt for a classic 2-part, 3-part, a crystal catching 4-part or something a little different (check out our Novelty category) we’ve got exactly what you need, from all the leading brands such as Santa Cruz, Head Chef, Cheeky One, Black Leaf, The Bulldog and many more.

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What is a weed or herb grinder?

Grinders are an essential tool in a stoner's arsenal. Basically a grinder will allow you to grind or shred up dry herb, spice and dry flower ready for you to use in your joint, spliff, blunt, vape, bong, pipe and much more.

How do I use a herb grinder?

Once you purchase a grinder it will be obvious how they work.

Place your dry herbs between the 2 different sets of teeth in the grinder, close it, then twist the two different parts. If you have some particularly damp or moist herb it may take a little bit more elbow grease to get it fluffed and ground up compared to drier herbs. Once ground simply re-open and pour your dry herb (in legal countries) into your king skin, pipe, bong, vape or baking tray.

Different types of herb grinder

There are a ton of different types of grinders out there, each one has its own qualities and are subject to opinion. From low cost cheap and cheerful plastic grinders all the way to large metal grinders complete with crystal catchers, there are lots of different types with their own pros and cons.

What is a 2 part / 2 piece herb grinder?

A 2 part (as we say in the UK) or a 2 piece is a grinder in it's simplest and most basic form and is essentially comprised of 2 sets of teeth or steel pins. 2 Piece grinders are perfect for the on-the-go smoker, they are lightweight, cheaper (generally speaking), and easy to use. If you're up for a no fuss, low price grinder, buy a 2 part grinder.

A 2 part / 2 piece dry herb grinder is perfect for grinding hash, resin or other hard consumables because unlike 3 or 4 part pieces the material won't enter a collection compartment or crystal catcher so you can keep grinding until you reach your desired fineness of your dry herb or resin.

What is a 3 part / 3 piece herb grinder?

A 3 part grinder has 2 pieces that are teeth, 1 of those pieces has small drop holes which the bud falls through which then enters the 3rd piece, commonly called a collection chamber.

The benefits of a 3 part or 3 piece grinder is that there's no need to tip a whole part of gyour grinder up to get your dry herbs into your chosen smoking method, you can pick it out of the 3rd part with your fingers.

What is a 4 part / 4 piece herb grinder?

A 4 part grinder usually has 2 pieces that are teeth, 1 piece that is a collection chamber and the 4th part is a crystal catcher.

4 Part grinders generally speaking are the most popular choice out of all grinders because of the crystal catcher / kief catcher. Crystal catchers are one of the many benefits that a 4 part grinder has.

What is a crystal catcher herb grinder?

A crystal catcher, or kief catcher is the bottom compartment of 4 part metal herb grinders (sometimes grinders of other materials too!). A crystal catcher is a compartment of a grinder that collects and filters all the finest herb particles that are rich in THC. The best types of crystal catcher herb grinders have a very fine mesh so that only the purest kief falls through.

Different materials of herb grinders

There are many types of materials to consider when purchasing herb grinders online and you should choose the best one for you if you want to get the most grind for your money.

Metal herb grinders

Metal boasts the highest durability of all grinders and are commonly aluminium, available in 2-part, 3-part and 4-part so there's a whole range of sizes and styles to choose from, from many many brands. Our favourite metal shredders are by Santa Cruz Shredder and Headchef, with these brands you can be sure you'll be getting the best value for price and will last you well into the future, maybe even a lifetime if looked after well enough.

Acrylic grinders

Most acrylic plastic grinders are cheap and cheerful and most commonly are available in 4 part / piece. That being said, there are lots of quirky and cool acrylic herb grinders with lots of features in stock online on our website ready to browse and purchase, these are super portable, incredible value for money and widely used by smokers all over the world.

Silicone grinders

Silicone grinders are very durable herb grinders and are quite uncommon amongst smokers who own herb grinders but have many benefits such as ease of cleaning, convenience, longevity and what's more is they are usually available in a huge range of colours.

Hemp grinders

Hemp grinders are pretty new to the scene and are very popular. Hemp herb shredders are environmentally sustainable, earth friendly and most manufacturers such as Santa Cruz Shredder are fully biodegradable. A hemp grinder is the best choice for the eco concious smoker, they work correctly, stand the test of time and have zero plastics.

Wood grinders

Wood grinders have the benefit of being semi-sustainable and lightweight whilst also being durable. There is a large range of cool and funky wood shredders available at Ali Bongo with free uk delivery.

Metal vs plastic grinders

Are metal grinders better than plastic grinders and other grinders? This is a completely subjective question and is a matter of opinion. Whilst metal has a much higher durability they also are weightier than plastic grinders.

Both metal and acrylic grinders are available in a huge range of different sizes, parts, pieces and colours. Before choosing between a metal, plastic or other grinder you should ask yourself which one suits your lifestyle better.

The Pros and cons of acrylic grinders

  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • Widely available
  • Low durability
  • Environmentally unfriendly

The pros and cons of a metal grinder

  • Super durable
  • Sharper teeth
  • Available in many parts and sizes
  • Heavier than acrylic / plastic
  • Longer lifespan

The best grinder brands

Everybody has their favourite brand or manufacturer. At Ali Bongo we've carefully selected a range of brands over the years that we're sure our customer will grow to love and trust, many you will have heard of already! Here are our favourite brands and manufacturers of grinders:-

  • Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Headchef
  • Black Leaf
  • Chongz

Is it legal to buy a herb grinder online in the UK?

Of course! Buying a herb or weed grinder in the UK is perfectly legal and you should have nothing to worry about when purchasing one online. Grinders have a wide range of uses, not just for cannabis which is why this is perfectly legal, just be sure to use legal herbs.

The best weed grinders in the UK

Here at Ali Bongo our absolute favourite weed grinders available in the UK are the Santa Cruz Shredder. Not only are these amazing shredders available in 2-part, 3-part, 4-part and small, medium and large and pretty much every colour you can think of, but they also have a knurled easy grind grip, revolutionary teeth designs, high-calibre screens, superior magnets, are ultrasonically cleaned and totally scratch resistant.

Grinders on sale

Looking to grab yourself herb grinders at a bargain today? We have a massive range of grinders at discount prices including the Santa Cruz Shredder 3 part hemp grinder, the Unicorn metal grinder, the anaxy blunt loader grinder, mind grinder and even some electric grinders.

Herb grinders with free delivery

Get your herb grinders with free delivery today when you spend £40 or over with us, with a huge range of herb grinders to choose from we're sure you'll find a bargain today when shopping online with us today with free uk delivery.

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