Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic Bongs are amazing quality for money and built to stand the test of time whilst delivering an awesome smoking experience. We’ve amassed a huge arsenal of bongs over the years, acrylic bongs are more popular than ever thanks to their durability, low prices and great functionality. Here you’ll find all the most popular and best-selling acrylic bongs.

What is a Plastic Bong or Acrylic Bong?

We love Acrylic Bongs, there's such a wide selection of them because they are just so favoured amongst clumsy stoners because they are virtually indestructible (that's not a challenge, they do of course break under immense pressure!).

Plastic Bongs get the job done and are really affordable starting from around £5 but that's not to say that some don't have all the features of a mega-expensive glass bong like percolators with filters, ice twists and a beaker base, but they don't come with a hefty price tag, making them an easy choice for beginners or experts. Acrylic bongs can start to smell after a good amount of usage so be sure to change your bong water often and keep on top of maintenance.

Most acrylic bongs are used to smoke herbs and come in many cool colours, sizes and curious designs, or if you're just looking for a simple acrylic bong there is a decent choice for those too. If you want to get a really comprehensive knowledge of bongs you should check out our Ultimate Guide to Bongs page.

What are the advantages of Acrylic Bongs?

The amount of different plastic and acrylic bongs out there is simply astounding and barriers have been pushed to make all sorts of crazy bongs from plastic. One example is the Ali Bongo Saturn Ice Bong, the ice trap is made from a bend in the acrylic during the manufacturing process which helps the ice to stay in place with no further accessories needed.

There are many advantages to using Plastic Bongs. These are the reasons they are so suitable and favoured amongst thousands and thousands of smokers worldwide:-

  • Durability - An Arcylic Bong is virtually indestructible if used them correctly, the chances of your bong breaking when it is dropped from a low height is very slim, which is a benefit to a clumsy smoker. They are the second most durable material of bongs, next to silicone bongs which are really sturdy and virtually indestructible.
  • Value for Money - Acrylic Bongs have a much lower price tag than glass bongs for instance but do the same job with good efficiency, this is because plastic costs much less than glass to use as a material so the price point is lower making them more affordable.
  • Easy to use - Pretty much all plastic bongs have really simple usage by utilizing a carb hole, the bowl, downstem and mouthpiece for quick and easy hits.
  • Variety of Colours and Designs - There are literally hundreds of different sizes, shapes and types of Acrylic Bongs, the hardest part about using one is actually choosing one from the wide selection we have because there are many aspects to consider when buying a bong.

How to Use an Acrylic Bong

Using a Plastic or Acrylic Bong is so easy and not much different to other bongs in the way that they can be used

  1. Load herbs in the bowl of the Acrylic Bong, not too tightly or else it will be hard to get an even burn.
  2. Form a seal with your mouth on the inside of the mouthpiece so it's airtight.
  3. Whilst putting your finger over the carb cap, light the bowl and begin to inhale to draw the smoke from the bowl into the bong.
  4. Once all the herbs inside the bowl have been combusted release the carb hole and take a big inhale to clear the smoke from the acrylic bong.
  5. Enjoy! Be sure to clean your bong after use.

It really is that simple. If you check out our Ice Bongs you'll see that you can suspend ice cubes halfway up the bong with an ice twist so that when the smoke travels past them it'll cool down your smoke for really satisfying hits.

What's the Best Plastic Bong to Buy?

The answer to this is completely subjective and depends on your personal tastes. Lots of Acrylic Bong are available in an astounding array of colours, shapes, sizes and designs, so we'll talk about those a little to help you identify what to look out for. We also have a whole category dedicated to our best bongs in stock, some acrylic, and some glass.


The sizes of acrylic bongs UK will impact the way you use it. If you have a really large plastic bong you'll find you need a much bigger lung capacity to draw the smoke and then clear it so you should think about what your limits are in terms of lung capacity. If you're a relatively new bong smoker you should probably opt for one of the smaller ones until you develop a tolerance for a large bong.


Whilst the shape of the bong is worth considering due to personal taste it can also affect the usage of your bong. As an example the Chongz Jules Vern Acrylic Bong has a long chamber that reduces in size as it gets lower which acts as a really awesome ice twist and converts it into an Ice Bong, but it also increases the smoke path which in turn kind of acts as a type of percolator because it filters the smoke upwards removing toxins, it also makes it a little tighter on the drag and draw. If you're looking for your first acrylic bong we'd probably suggest getting something really basic in shape like the Chongz Nuffink Acrylic Bong.

Design and Colour of Bong

It is literally all down to personal preference but consider if you need to be a discrete bong owner or not because massive green and purple water pipes are not exactly inconspicuous! Jokes aside, our store has so many colours and designs to choose from you're bound to find a favourite.

We will mention though that if you're into super discreet acrylic bongs you should check out the Budsy Water Bottle Bong by Puffco, it looks just like a regular water bottle but doubles up as a durable small bong.

Where You Want to Use Your Bong

You should consider where you're going to use your bong when it comes to choosing a bong from a store. If your acrylic bong is staying at home then there's probably not much need to be discrete so you can use any size, however, if you're planning to take your bong out and about you may want to consider getting a small one with simple designs especially for beginners. All of them have an easy to remove down stem so you can pack it in your back and not worry about it breaking.


Budget definitely has a part to play in which water pipes to buy. An Acrylic Bong is usually at a low price and is exceptional value for money and affordable when you consider how durable and sturdy they are.

Acrylic Bongs UK

We have a huge amount of acrylic bongs in all shapes and sizes in our shop, what's even better is that if and spend £40 or over with us with UK orders you'll be able to get free delivery. There are plenty of other bongs available too, just select the Bongs category from up above.

Want to brush up on your bong knowledge? We'd suggest checking our blogs; whether you have really basic knowledge and want to know what a bong is, or want to refresh on the different kinds of bongs that are available so that you can buy the right bong, we've got you covered.

Acrylic Bongs vs Glass Bongs

Both materials have their pro's and con's we'd typically recommend Acrylics for beginners and Glass for people that have some experience using water pipes. Glass breaks quite easily but definitely has a better taste and in many smoker's opinions look better. Acrylic on the other hand is virtually indestructible, comes with a much lower price tag and will give you great rips.

Acrylic Bongs vs Silicone Bongs

Both acrylic and silicone are extremely strong durability wise, but silicone would definitely come out on top. Silicone really is stupidly strong and you'd have to try so hard to break one, they are the perfect choice for a clumsy stoner, they can however attain a very strong smell after being used, whereas acrylic not so much so. Silicone Bongs have their own unique styles and shapes so if you're considering plastic bongs you should definitely also look at Silicone too, both are great value.

Acrylic Bongs vs Ceramic Bongs

Available in such a vast array of shapes, sizes and colours, ceramic bongs are often clay-fired and give the manufacturer complete artistic freedom. On-the-whole, ceramic has a superior taste when compared to acrylic but they are not as durable.

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