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Dutch Passion’s SUPER AUTOs – The Trilogy is Complete!

This week we received stock of a long anticipated and highly productive strain from the godfathers of genetics: Dutch Passion Seeds… Ladies and Gents…. Auto Ultimate! This new monster strain comes from the classic Ultimate from DP being crossed with Auto Mazar. The result is a vigorous, high yielding auto strain with compact buds coated […]

Dutch Passion Auto-Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 3 and 7 packs!

High Blog Readers! This week Dutch Passion Seedbank (a Titan amongst breeders) has begun to package all of their Auto-Flowerers in affordable and handy packs of three and seven. The dudes in the ‘Dam have been bashing out successful strains since the eighties and are widely renowned as one of the best at doing so. […]

Up to 25% off Dutch Passion Feminised Cannabis Seeds!

That’s right, blog readers! Ali Bongo has SLICED up to A QUARTER OFF the price of selected DUTCH PASSION STRAINS! A massive range of seeds including the company’s finest Cheese, Brainstorm, Durban Poison, Euforia and loads of other strains. The seedbank is one of the most respected in the business. They’ve been rocking it since […]