Stash Cans

Stash cans (or Diversion Cans as they are also commonly called) are designed to keep your valuables safe and blend it to lots of different environments. These stash cans are particularly popular amongst festival and gig goers and for people that want a discrete place for people to hide their valuables at home.

What are Stash Cans?

Stash cans allow you to hide your herbs or valuables in plain sight allowing for discreet storage solutions, or even sneaking weed (in legal countries) into a festival or event. Most stash cans aren't what we would describe as smell proof, so we'd recommend you pick a smelly proof baggy to go with your stash can.

What Stash Can is Best?

That all depends on how you're going to use your stash can and requires a little bit of common sense! For example, if you want to get some herbs into a festival buy a stash can item that won't look out of place like a Jack and Coke can, or even a Beanz Tin stash can. If you're looking for a can for a secret stash in your car, then the break parts stash is an excellent choice. You can even purchase a variety of realistic stash cans to check you're all covered no matter the situation. There's a large range of realistic stash cans to choose from in all shapes, sizes and price. one thing to note is to be careful and gentle with opening the lid on most of them, most of them are made out of the real thing and should be handled carefully.

Stash Cans with Free Delivery

We at Ali Bongo offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount on your order, check our delivery page. We also offer many other delivery methods such as next day delivery so you'll get your items way quicker than standard postage, order from us, sit back and wait for your secret stash can; easy. We also offer a click and collect service if you're lucky enough to live close to Norwich.

If you're unsure what stash can works best for you just get in contact with us, with over 30 years in the game we're more than happy to give you honest, professional advice on any of the items we stock, from bongs, vapes and pipes all the way to rolling papers, dabbing gear and grinders.

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