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All the best rolling gear to increase your rolling skills and enhance your smoking experience. Whether you’re looking for a Rolling Tray or Rolling Box to keep all your essentials in one place or a Rolling Kit to store all your essentials together with great value for money, we have it here - you’ve come to the right place.

What is Rolling Gear?

Rolling Gear is a type of smoking accessories which includes rolling boxes, rolling trays, rolling kits, all of which are essential tools for any cannabis enthusiast. These weed accessories are designed to make the rolling process easier and more efficient, allowing users to roll their own cigarettes, joints, and blunts with ease. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the world of cannabis, you could definitely benefit from some rolling gear so explore our incredible collection and fall in love with rolling again.

What are the Different Types of Rolling Gear?

Rolling trays, rolling boxes and rolling kits are the obvious 3 types of rolling gear but there are also many other amazing smoking accessories to to take your rolling to the next level. Here are all the benefits to the different types:-

Rolling Boxes

Rolling boxes are available in all different sizes to suit different needs. Typically smokers go for a box which will fit all their smoking essentials such as their grinder, rolling papers, roach and tips, a lighter and their stash.

These handy boxes act as a rolling surface and they also work as a storage compartment with everything you need at a moments notice in a sturdy container. Although the features are relatively basic, they fill a very important role; a decent weed roller box is essential!

Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays are incredibly useful and provide a clean and organised surface for rolling your cigarettes, joints and blunts. Available in a variety of different sizes from small all the way to XL and all sorts of materials like wood, plastic and most commonly metal, this handy piece of rolling gear will keep all of your weed accessories close and at hand and also provide a brilliant surface to roll on.

As you roll on a rolling tray you won't end up dropping bits of tobacco or weed over the floor, your lap or sofa which is something no smoker enjoys! Because of this, these rolling trays are perfect for beginners who want to learn to roll better or for experts who want to get even better results when rolling their own.

We have a huge selection of rolling trays, our main recommendations in terms of brands are RAW and Smoke Arsenal; both of these brands have perfected the rolling tray in our opinion.

Rolling Kits

Rolling kits contain a plethora of different smoking accessories and smoking tools in a ready made bundle; perfect for beginners who want to get all of those essential weed accessories for amazing prices. Usually you'll find a rolling tray, rolling papers and a lighter in the most basic rolling kits, but some of the more advanced ones contain even more weed accessories such as grinders, stash products and even bongs!

Rolling Kits also considered the most awesome gift for your stoner pals, they'll have all the essentials to enjoy and will love you forever.

Rolling Machines

Don't want to learn to roll your own? No problem, you don't need to change your ways in order to get amazing joints and blunts to share with your friends, simply purchase a rolling machine to do it for you.

Rolling machines have you covered all front when it comes to size, whether you're using king size papers, 1.25 or just plain regular sized, there are rolling machines that cater to all of them and from lots of big brands such as RAW, Rizla and OCB.

Other Rolling Gear

Remember, there are endless amounts of different types of weed accessories out there designed to aid you roll; too many to list here of course, but to name a few there are spliff rings, pokers, cone cutters, cone fillers, rolling mats and tons of other items to make your rolling experience much better and easier.

Rolling Gear on Sale

With over 30 years in the smoking accessories industry there's no better place to discover and find weed accessories than Ali Bongo. Use the filters are the top of the page to dial in exactly what you're looking for, or flick through the category for some inspiration. We offer free UK shipping on items over a certain value (check our delivery page here) and have a selection of other delivery methods to choose from include next day delivery so you can get your smoking accessories stocked up in no time at all.

Unsure what rolling gear is best for you or want some finer details? Don't hesitate to contact us, we're always more than happy to give our honest and expert recommendations when it comes to smoking accessories.

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