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Wow Sentences Clipper Lighter Collection

Text speak... is it cringe or not?

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Wow Sentences Clipper Lighter Collection

These take us back to the days of MSN when everything had to be abbreviated or you just weren't cool. No-one had the time to type anything out in full because we were too busy being legends, okay?

There are four different designs to choose from; OMG, IDK, WTF or LOL. If you would like a specific one then please let us know in the comments when you place your order.

There are many reasons why Clipper Lighters are so popular:-

  • Flame size increases when lighter is angled making it perfect for bongs and pipes.
  • Fully Refillable with refill gas available here. Refilling costs 90% less than buying a new one.
  • Easy to attach a new flint or wheel when the time comes. Flints available here | Wheels available here.
  • Strong, robust and long lasting with resistant material.
  • Double gas capacity when compared to standard lighters.
  • Contains Iso-Butane which is a cleaner and lower pressure gas.
  • Flame is pre-set.
  • Lower environmental impact when refilling instead of buying a new one.

Price is for 1 Clipper Lighter only.

As Royal Mail are now destroying any product that has gas or a lighter in it we will ONLY be able to send lighters to mainland UK using our tried and tested courier, this also means we cannot send any outside of the UK.


Type: Clippers
Material: Plastic
Fuel: Lighter Gas
Usage: Refillable
Flame Type: Standard
Quantity: 1
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