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Weed Star Super Fat Joe 29.2mm Glass Bong

For those that just love the rawness of a huge bong! The Weed Star Super Fat Joe 29.2mm Glass Bong.

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Weed Star Super Fat Joe 29.2mm Glass Bong

Check this beast out. If fancy percolators and diffusors don't take your fancy and you just love the rawness of a full on bong hit then the Fat Joe is for you! Fat Joe is absolutely a fat fatty, that is for sure. With a cyclinder diameter of 60mm and a height of 510mm along with that redonkulous bowl you'll be hitting your bowls for home runs, it's gunna be hot, or perhaps not thanks to the long trek the smoke takes before the inhale; it all depends! A kickhole has been added for added air control.

The drop pipe is 29.2mm, massive, a beast, humungeous, not to be reckoned with, deadly, poppin'. It does have 2 triple slit diffusors at the bottom where it hits the water though, so there is a little percolator and filtration going on. If you want to show off your massive piece to your like minded stoner friends then the Super Fat Joe is for you, there was a Fat Joe, then a Fat Joe 2.0 and now there's the Super Fat Joe, what's next? The mahousive Fat Joe?

  • Height: 510mm
  • Cylinder Diameter: 60mm
  • Base Diameter: 140mm
  • Glass Thickness: ~4mm
  • Internal Mouthpiece Diameter: 44mm
  • External Mouthpiece Diameter: 60mm
  • Gauge: 29.2mm
  • Suggested Gauze Size: 15mm Cone Shaped Gauze
  • Included: 29.2mm Glass 3-Part Drop Pipe with 2 3-slit Diffusors | 29.2mm Male Glass Bowl with Roll Stop
  • Kickhole: Yes
  • Very Fat
  • Super
Size : Large
Height: 401 to 600mm
Gauge (mm): 29.2mm
Material: Glass
Brand: Weed Star Bongs
Style: Classic Bongs
Colours: Red
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