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Titanium Carb Cap Dome with Air Intake

Carb Caps. They're pretty awesome. One of the main problems with dabbing is that a good 90% of the hits are quite hot and harsh, this is mainly due to the nature of the beast and the fact that the Nails involved have to be superheated.

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Titanium Carb Cap Dome with Air Intake

Carb Caps aim to combat this, we will put it simply as there is some serious science behind these. Basically they create a limited pressure air path within the dome of the Carb Cap and the Nail it sits on. They create a closed environment altering the air temperature, flow speed and air pressure to make vaporisation possible at much cooler temperatures resulting in less harsh, more flavoursome hits.

The vortex also cools the nail, oil, and rising vapour providing for a smoother quality of vapour.

Type: Carb Caps
Material: GR.II Titanium
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