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The Sea Wasp Ice Catcher 18.8mm Glass Bong

This one's for all the seafaring marine stoners out there; The Sea Wasp

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The Sea Wasp Ice Catcher 18.8mm Glass Bong

This one's for all the seafaring marine stoners out there; The Sea Wasp.

This beautiful expanse of glass is an absolute swell to use. Fill her up with water, light the bowl and watch the ever so indulgent hit work it's way through the gauntlet that is the 6 arm showerhead diffusor percolator. After your smoke has been divided and rifted through the percolator it'll work it's way through the 3-slit diffusor drop pipe and bubble up in the water before heading through your ice cubes resulting in one of the most tranquil hits your ever had!

Another great feature of this bong is the tremendously thick 7mm glass! There's nothing worse than slightly dinning your bong on the floor and having it shatter, not with the Sea Wasp, that being said, she's not indestructable. The thick glass also adds to the weight, it really is a sturdy piece and won't just blow over.

There's so much included with the Sea Wasp; not only do you get a conical glass bowl with a lifter handle and a 3-part 3-slit diffusor drop pipe as standard but we're sure you'll fall in love with the ashcatcher percolator, you'll never want to go back to not using one.

The design is stunning too especially if you're into the sea and jellyfish, they really do bring the bong to life and make it look so epicly appealing. There's also some gorgeous illustrations of lighthouses, anchors, sharks, anchors, bird and of course, bubbles, because ya know... the sea and stuff.

Just grab your 15mm Cone Shaped Gauze and you're good to get going!

Available in Pink, Blue, and Green! Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments section of your order and we'll get your preffered colour out to you *depending on stock*

  • Height: 455mm
  • Base Diameter: 135mm
  • Glass Thickness: 7mm
  • Internal Mouthpiece Diameter: 40mm
  • External Mouthpiece Diameter:
  • Gauge: 14.5mm Female
  • Suggested Gauze Size: 15mm Cone Shaped Gauze
  • Style: Flask
  • Included:-
    1 x 14.5mm Male Glass Lifter Bowl
    1 x 18.8mm - 14.5mm Male 3-Slit 3-Part Diffusor Drop Pipe
    1 x 14.5mm 6-Arm Showerhead Diffusor Percolator Ashcatcher (Fits 14.5mm Male Bowls and 14.5mm Female Drop Pipes)
  • Ice Traps
Size : Large
Gauge (mm): 14.5mm
Material: Glass
Style: Ice Bongs
Height (mm): 401 to 600mm
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