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SLX 2.0 Non Stick 4 Part Grinder - Yellow

Ceramic coated, non-stick herb grinders. When creating the SLX 2.0 then number one suggestion by customers was the need for a non-stick grinder. They listened...

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SLX 2.0 Non Stick 4 Part Grinder - Yellow

One cannot express how much excitement and energy is part of Ali Bongo, especially when we get a brand new shipment of high-end grinders in. We tend to lose our s#!*, but for good reason!

A Grinder is the key component of every smokers arsenal of utensils, many smokers would struggle without one or at the very least would find it hard to replicate thier idea of the perfect smoke. We all have our way. The SLX 2.0 is a monster, yet delicate like a swan on a cool mornings still lake, creating barely a ripple in its wake. Beatiful, but an absolute beast at the job is is intended to do.

There are a couple things that set this apart from the rest. The SLX 2.0 features a full on non-stick ceramic coating, not anodised, not titanium, ceramic. Pretty tech. Nothing will stick, savour every last crystal and get it into your roll with ease. Another ingenius design is the crystal catcher. It is threadless and free floating, which means when you've ground your herbs you don't need to turn all your sacred pollen upside down everytime to extract the ground materials. Just lift out the mesh and tap out the goodness, happy days!

SLX Grinders are available in a whole array of lovely colours!

Type: Crystal Catchers
Brand: SLX
Material: Ceramic Coated Grinders
Colour: Yellow
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