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Rainbow Squad Assorted Clipper Collection


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Rainbow Squad Assorted Clipper Collection

Rainbows; what the f*** are they, like really? Don't give me that scientific babble,  weird man. Here's some actual cool shit to do with rainbows:-

  • Moonbow rainbows occur when the moon's light reflects through the raindrops.
  • A person standing next to you is standing in a slightly different spot and may see the rainbow different because they see different raindrops.
  • You cannot touch a rainbow as it has no physical appearance - The 'Pot of Gold' - all a lie man.
  • According to Greek mythology, the rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth - see bullet point #3; BS bro, you guys cray'.
  • *Recovering from the QUADruple rainbow thing*
  • Not only do no two people see the same rainbow, each of your eyes sees a different one.
  • If you're wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses, a rainbow will disappear if you turn the glasses vertically because physics and stuff.

There are a couple of reasons why Clipper Lighters are so popular:-

  • Flame size increases when lighter is angled (Perfect for bongs and pipes!)
  • Refillable (Get your refill gas here)
  • Easy to attach a new flint (Need more flint wheels? We've got your back, find them here)
  • Long-lasting (very strong and robust)

If you have a favourite style please let us know in the comments section of your order and we'll try our best to get your favourite one out to you!

The price is for 1 clipper lighter only.

As Royal Mail are now destroying any product that has gas or a lighter in it we will ONLY be able to send lighters to mainland UK using our tried and tested courier, this also means we cannot send any outside of the UK.


Flame Type: Standard
Fuel: Lighter Gas
Usage: Refillable
Type: Clippers
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1
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