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Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes (10ml)

These handy sterilised mag-research needs. For the budding scientists who only need to do a little psilocybin research.ic mushroom spore syringes are ideal for all your magic mushroom

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Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes (10ml)

Spores have been around more or less since the dawn of time here on Earth. Our Spore Syringes come straight from Lab Grown cultures in Austria so you know they have not spend days in excessively hot or cold conditions coming from further afield. You can now buy these Syringes safe in the knowledge that your samples will be viable and worth studdying as they are fresh and kept refrigerated at all times. Each syringe contain millions of Spores and they are easily dispensed onto a slide to allow you to view the spore through a microscope. We accept card payments 


The varieties available for study are:

  • Amazonian
  • B+
  • Thai
  • Cambodian

They are VERY SHARP so please treat with care.

Disclaimer: The Mushroom spores we sell are for microscopic research purposes. If you live in the UK they may not be cultivated unless you have a license from the Secretary of State.

They do, however, keep in a fridge and may be stored for a later date for cultivation purposes in the event of the legal action being successful or a change of Government and the mushroom ban being overturned in the UK. These spores may be taken out of the UK and grown in most other European countries where Magic Mushrooms, in accordance with international law, remain perfectly legal.

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