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Magic Flight Delta Box

“No man ever steps in the same river twice.” ~ Heraclitus. "Much like with stars, constant change is present in everything we make here at Magic-Flight – in both the products and the machines that help create them." Magic Flight.

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Magic Flight Delta Box

The Delta is a sleek and solid triangular box that fits comfortably in your hand, with a low profile to keep in your pocket, and magnets to keep it shut tight.

The Delta Box also takes spill-free transfer of herbal materials to a whole new level, as its bowl fits snug with our Finishing Grinder, and the holes on the side allow you to dispense herbs into your Launch Box without having to open the stash box entirely.

Furthermore, as discretion is a frequent motivator in creating many of our products, we are especially proud that, at first glance, it is a bit of a mystery as to what the Delta Box even is. Its twist-to-open feature gives it the illusion of being little more than a puzzle box, thus allowing you to carry it around with less concern over being conspicuous. Try our new Delta Box today and feel the power of constant change in the palm of your hand.

Type: Handheld Vaporisers
Brand: Magic Flight
Material : Walnut
Accessories & Parts: Magic Flight
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