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King Pin Natural Hemp Blunt 4 Pack Selection

A ridiculously sweet coma if you like; 7 of your 5 a day!

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King Pin Natural Hemp Blunt 4 Pack Selection

Been browsing the King Pin range and found yourself unsure which flavour takes your fancy?

Take it from us, you should try them all!

This new range of Kingpin Hemp Blunt Wraps are absolutely packed with flavour, when you open the pack it (almost) literally smacks you in a face, putting you into a fruit induced dizziness, you'll be dazed in a blizzard of fruity smelling hail, you'll be soaked through, a ridiculously sweet coma if you like; 7 of your 5 a day!

In all seriousness, Kingpin has done an awesome job at making these blunts. They have a great feel to them and thanks to the 'Perfect Fold Technology' (these guys invented the crease) each wrap is folded in the perfect place for that perfect roll every time; try it and you'll understand! These babies are made with Natural Hemp only, you'll find no tobacco here.

Each pack contains 4 blunt wraps and the pack itself is re-sealable so whenever you fancy getting smacked in the face by Blueberries you can be rest assured knowing they're as fresh as a fruit orchard in mid-July!

Save yourself some doo-doo-skrilla with this selection. Each pack contains 4 blunts so you'll be getting 20 blunts for just £5, that's just 25p per blunt.

Included in this selection:-

  • Purple (Grape)
  • Blue (Blueberry)
  • Spanish Fly (a fruity hemp mix reminiscent of raisins)
  • Manic (Mango)
Blunts Brands: Kingpin
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