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Jaxx USA Larry Black 32cm Double Diffusor Bong

For the cleanest concentrate or dry herbs hits look no further!

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Jaxx USA Larry Black 32cm Double Diffusor Oil Bong

 The Larry Black is perfect for both dry herb and concentrates. With 2 diffusors it ensures a delicious crisp and clean hit everytime and thanks to the huge 55mm wide chamber those hits have the potential to be MASSIVE! This beast of a bong comes with a 14.5mm female ground joint and a male 14.5mm flower bowl but here's where it get's interesting: it also comes with a male 14.5mm angled male adaptor and a 14.5mm female oil dome with a quartz nail so it's just so easy to switch from dry herb to concentrate usage AND the angled male adaptor swivels so you dabbers can position your quartz nail and oil dome wherever suits you; have we got your attention yet?


The mouth chamber is also curved for maximum convenience and the diffusors are just stunning. The bottom diffusor is a honey-comb perculator and the above is a diffusor in the shape of a five-pointed star, watch your smoke twist and turn through the perculators, filtering all the way. As the dabbers and concentrate users out there know, the least amount of time it takes for your smoke to travel through the bong then the better the taste and effect; the Black Larry is a very ideal height for this at 30cm tall (excluding the base) so when you exhale those concentrate hits you're going to get maximum taste and effect.


Black Larry really is the best of both worlds and considering the bong accessories you're getting aswell as of course this beautiful bit of glass-art itself it really is one of the best bongs out there, especially value for money wise!


  • Height: 320mm
  • Base Width: 113mm
  • Chamber Width: 55mm
  • Mouth Hole Width: 34mm
  • Glass Thickness: ~4mm
  • Gauge: 14.5mm Female (also includes male 14.5mm flower bowl, 14.5mm angled male adaptor, 14.5mm female oil dome and a quartz nail)
  • Gauze: Not neccesary, the male 14.5mm female bowl has a built in glass gauze; epic.
Size : Medium
Height: 201 to 400mm
Gauge (mm): 14.5mm
Material: Glass
Brand: Jaxx USA
Style: Oil Bongs
Colours: Black
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