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Jack Puck - 8 Ton Square Press

Part of a new range of Presses, here at Bongo HQ, this square 8 ton brings the hydraulic way of pressing to us.

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Jack Puck - 8 Ton Square Press

Part of a new range of Presses, here at Bongo HQ, this square 8 ton brings the hydraulic way of pressing to us.

This press looks very tec, but is actually very simple to use. Just in case though here's a step by step guide.

  1. Set the press up by taking the main body, without the mould or lid, using the clamps provided, attach it to a flat, dry and solid surface.
  2. Then, if you can, put the mould and lid in an oven or heating impliment, at a maximum of 100°C/200°C (this will help your soap or flowers stick together).
  3. Once you have heated it to your preferred heat, put the container on top of the hydraulic jack, followed by your desired substance, such as flowers of soap, in the container and finally the lid on top.
  4. Now that your lid is on, tighten them by screwing the wing nuts in.
  5. Next, screw the bar into the release valve in a clockwise motion.
  6. Compress the material by moving the bar in an up-and-down motion. Once it becomes hard to press any more, STOP!
  7. Then unscrew the handle (counter-clockwise).
  8. Next, unscrew the wing-nuts, and then remove the cover.
  9. Screw the wing-nuts back in so the mould doesn't get pushed out and start pumping again.
  10. This will cause the product you wanted to make to come out in a lovely flat, round pancake or cylinder, depending on amount put in.


  • Dimensions: Width - 177mm x Depth - 203mm x Height - 375mm
  • Moulds Internal Diameter: 100mm x 152mm
  • Moulds Height: 65mm
  • Presses Weight: 45.8 pounds (20.8kg)
  • Packaging: Width - 215mm x Depth - 215mm x Height - 465mm
Brand: JackPuck
Material: Metal
Size: Tabletop (Large)
Type: Presses
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