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HoneyWorks - Honey Mat Small

Engineered specifically for concentrates, the Honey Mat allows you to handle the stickiest resin with ZERO waste or mess. Production and collection are a breeze with the Honey Mats. Never scrape again!

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HoneyWorks - Honey Mat Small Double Pack

Completely non-stick, the Honey Mat is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts and protecting your glass tools and makes a great surface for drying water extracts.

Honey Mats are made entirely from medical grade (USP6) silicone, meaning there are an effective and more importantly; an environmentally friendly alternative to parchment paper. Unlike Food Grade silicone, USP6 material is completely free of manufacturing byproducts and is comprised only of pure silicone.

The reinforced surface is non-stick, heat proof up to 260°C and hot plate safe. Making it a great purging accessory.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations, HoneyWorks silicone has no bad odours, smells or flavours that can affect the purity of your extract.

Contains 2 Small Honey Mats.

Material: Silicone
Type: Extraction Mats
Brand: HoneyWorks
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