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Grace Glass Double Honeycomb Bong 18.8mm

Looking for a bong with bare coolness? You've found it man; the Grace Glass Double Honeycomb Bong 18.8mm!

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Grace Glass Double Honeycomb Bong 18.8mm

All of those bong lovers out there on a quest to find the coldest hits possible will have their ears pricking up by the sight of this. The clue is in the name, this piece of glass art by Grace Glass features not one, but two Honeycomb percolators! Honeycomb percolators are usually a bong enthusiasts first choice of percolators because they split the smoke up so well and help it to cool down, they are also super easy to clean. three ice notches sit just 60mm above the second Honeycomb percolator giving an astounding 230mm of length for ice cubes so please, take heed when using this bong, a huge hit could easily result in brain freeze!

She's seriously sturdy and stable, the glass thickness at the base is a whopping 30mm! Kinda' reminds me of those ashtrays from the 60's that you could through off a bridge and it'd do more damage to the floor than itself, but rest assured it looks way more dope than an ashtray from the 60's. The Double Honeycomb Glass bong also boasts a built-on downstem and included is a blue lift bowl with a diameter of 20mm so you can really put those honeycomb percolators to the test. Everything to get you going is included; what are you waiting for? No matter if you're a novice or an expert, this piece of glass-art is perfect for all!

  • Height: 425mm
  • Base Diameter: 120mm
  • Mouthpiece Diameter: 45mm
  • Glass Thickness: ~3mm
  • Gauge: 18.8mm Female (18.8mm Male blue lift bowl included)
  • Suggested Gauze Size: 15mm Cone Shaped Gauze is a great fit.
Size : Large
Height: 401 to 600mm
Gauge (mm): 18.8mm
Material: Glass
Brand: Grace Glass
Style: Percolator Bongs
Colours: Blue
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