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Grace Glass Crown Bowl 18.8mm

A beautiful crown shaped Grace Glass bowl with 6 roll stops!

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Grace Glass Crown Bowl 18.8mm

You know, sometimes we sit back in our chairs and ponder. We ponder about how many glass bowls have rolled off tables and smashed into millions of pieces, breaking the hearts of many respectable bong owners; allow us to take a minute silience in honour of our fallen bowls...




Ok, now that that's done allows us to introduce you to the Grace Glass Crown Bowl. She's a beautiful 18.8mm Glass Bowl with not one but SIX roll stops along the ridge of the bowl, that's like a 600% increase in rollstoppability compared to your standard bowl and here are 6 reasons why you should get the Grace Glass Crown Bowl:-

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 20mm Internal height
  • 6 Roll Stops (600% More roll stops compared to your standard glass bowl)
  • Looks don as a don ting'
  • Claw Handle
  • Less chance of rolling off your table (equivalent metaphorically rolling your heart off the table and smashing it to a billion pieces, don't do it to youself, man.)

For a gauze we'd suggest a 15mm Steel Gauze

Built In Gauze: No
Joint Type: Male
Material: Glass
Gauge (mm): 18.8mm
Brand: Grace Glass
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