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Glass Fridge Pipe

We've used this pipe many times and we really, really rate it.

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Glass Fridge Pipe

First there was the Fridge Bong, now there is the Fridge Pipe. You may be wondering, is this a pipe you smoke by the fridge? Nah. We've used this pipe many times and we really, really rate it.

The Fridge Pipe has a chamber of water that surrounds the centre of the pipe, put the pipe in the fridge for a while and the water will become cold, basic chemistry right? You'll be very impressed by the smoothness and coolness of this pipe, it's a great size and is fairly simple and easy to clean too.

It comes with a Glass Cone that can be used as a gauze although from our experience we'd recommend using a 17mm Cone Shaped Gauze as sometimes the herb can fall through, the cone gauze makes it much easier to set up new hits and means you'll need to clean the pipe less too. There's a bung / carb stop for the water chamber, it already comes with water inside the pipe but if you want to change the water after a while it's straight forward and hastle free.

The Fridge Pipe comes in a range of 3 colours: Red, Green and Purple. If you want a specific colour just drop us a comment on the delivery page of your order and if we have stock we'll get your favourite colour out to you.

Size: Small
Length: Small - 150mm
Material: Glass
Type: Specialist Pipes
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